Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jonny Gomes Is Talking Again & Is Still An Idiot

Jonny Gomes is talking again to the media and is still showing his ignorance and lack of baseball knowledge. No actually scratch that, I won't be politically correct here because he hasn't since being a fifth outfielder on a World Series team and thinking his crap doesn't stink, he is an idiot. Jonny Gomes says that Grady Sizemore is just as good as Jacoby Ellsbury, bitter much?

If we were having this discussion a few years ago, sure, Sizemore was just as good. Hell Sizemore may have been better than Ellsbury outside of his MVP type season in 2011. How can you say someone who has not played in two seasons and battled injuries for countless seasons before that is better than someone in his prime? Say what?

Here is the exact quote from Gomes in case you were wondering:

"It's borderline unfair that we have the option to save money and replace a 30-30 guy with a 30-30 guy," Gomes said of Sizemore, who signed a $750,000 base contract with the Red Sox, taking over for Ellsbury, who signed a seven-year, $153 million contract with the Yankees.

"Whoa," Gomes said. "You're not supposed to do that. You're not supposed to lose your leadoff center fielder and get one back just as good. Nothing on Ells, but ..."

FYI Jonny but Sizemore hasn't been a 30-30 guy since 2008, his only time. He may be back and finally healthy but it was six years ago and he has played 210 games in the five seasons since. Down boy, you sound as dumb as you look right now. 

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