Thursday, March 27, 2014

2014 Major League Baseball Standings Predictions

Just in time for the 2014 season to begin I wanted to put it on paper my predictions for the divisional races. I don't really know why I put myself through this as I am rarely correct on these things but I enjoy doing them, I guess the accuracy percentage doesn't matter that much. Right, wrong, or indifferent here are my predictions, what are yours? Leave your thoughts in the comment box and let's get the discussion going. FYI don't worry about calling me an idiot, I can take it :)


New York Yankees (99- 63)
Boston Red Sox (94-68)
Tampa Bay Rays (90-72)
Toronto Blue Jays (81-81)
Baltimore Orioles (80-82)


Detroit Tigers (100-62)
Cleveland Indians (92-70)
Minnesota Twins (89-73)
Kansas City Royals (82-80)
Chicago White Sox (75-87)


Texas Rangers (95-67)
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (91-71)
Seattle Mariners (88-74)
Oakland Athletics (86-76)
Houston Astros (70-92)


Atlanta Braves (97-65)
Washington Nationals (95-67)
Philadelphia Phillies (84-78)
New York Mets (80-82)
Miami Marlins (72-90)


Pittsburgh Pirates (94-68)
St. Louis Cardinals (92-70)
Cincinnati Reds (86-76)
Chicago Cubs (83-81)
Milwaukee Brewers (80-84)


Los Angeles Dodgers (100-62)
Arizona Diamondbacks (91-71)
San Francisco Giants (84-78)
San Diego Padres (81-81)
Colorado Rockies (69- 93)

Looks like the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Indians will win the two Wild Cards in the American League and the St. Louis Cardinals and Washington Nationals will make it for the National League. The playoffs would be stacked this season with really all the best teams making the cut.

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