Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Yankees Trying To Trade Ichiro With No Luck

According to Jon Heyman on Twitter the New York Yankees have been trying to shop spare outfielder Ichiro Suzuki basically all winter long and have had little to no success. 40 year old Ichiro will start the season with the Yankees unless something drastic changes in the next two or three weeks. Ichiro is making $6.5 million this season as a fifth outfielder if you include Alfonso Soriano spending a lot of time at DH, that's a lot.

Hal Steinbrenner signed Ichiro for two years hoping for the 3,000 hit parade to come to New York and draw in revenue, after a season in which Ichiro hit .262/.297/.342 that obviously did not happen. Now the Yankees will try to unload him and that contract, and I find it unlikely that they do so. Looks like we're stuck with Ichiro for at least a couple more months.


  1. BLOG TIME !......I always scour my sources before I land here at GP.
    For days, and days, nothing on Ichiro. Nothing.

    So far...Dean Anna...375. Scott Sizemore...250. Slow day.

    1. So we are last on your list? Ouch. Thanks buddy ;)

  2. Did not know this !...My long shot to make the squad, is relief pitcher Matt Daily.
    His full name...Matthew Thomas Daily.
    My two sons...Matthew, and Thomas. Funny.

    1. Local Long Island boy too, no? Maybe it's fate

    2. Daniel.........Local Long Island Boy ? He sure was, and is. I wish him well.
      RE: My " Twasp..Enough Already ", that was me playing Capt. Quint, from 'Jaws '.
      Putting out my chum slick, to draw a humorous shark to the surface.
      It sometimes works, I thought is was a worthwhile effort. Nothing more.
      Rocket Reed, takes me too seriously. Always has. That is why he is special.

      Now I hear, Ichiro to the Phillies....for veteran reliever...Adams ? Who knows.
      Enjoy the day.

    3. He's no better than what we currently have(Adams), pass please.

    TWASP..the man from " The Gardens of Stone "
    This constant beating if the drum..." come back, come back "...I can't deal with this.
    Come back to what ?...He now, a ghost from iYankees ? A ' step and fetch it '..from Yankee Fans Unite ?

    Twasp, the new Michael ( Mask ) Smircich...a talent on parade.
    Only now,... the mask is a poor overweight boy, who has been nurtured, and breast feed at
    a hundred 7-11's.

    Bottom line....I, patrick, is the new sheriff in town. Not at GP, but in the school house.
    I stand astride the main stage here at GP, and eclipse anything that Twasp could have ever done.
    He, the sting-man ( I'm laughing now )...will always remain, Fishjams, pool boy.

    patrick, the student, is now the teacher.
    The former teacher, is now a ghost, from the " Gardens of Stone "
    I draw the line in the sand.................Twisper.
    Don't cross it.

  4. Patrick...
    The time has come and gone for anything other than baseball! T-Man is wanted by Daniel for the site not for you or I. Time to stand down young Irishman, don't you think?
    I think it is time to move on down the road and see what this site can do without one guy! My goodness you need not bring him up at all anymore! I sure won't!
    Most of the fans visiting this site have no idea who, or why you are venting about someone they don't know.

    Shall we get back to baseball again? I have had enough of all this crap!

    By the way, did you hear or see the game today? CC has a way to go and, I think the cutter is the wrong pitch for him. I hate the cutter and the slider they both effect one or more of the other pitches to much.
    I believe in having three good pitches...FB, Curve and the Change-up...or sinker/splitter!
    If one can throw the slider damn near perfect every time ok! If one can't...one must get use to seeing the ball go over the fence a lot! The cutter hurts the curve and change-up, thus...Mo never threw anything but Cutter and FB.
    This axiom is not for everyone, Andy had a cutter, but not everyone can use the cutter with any other breaking ball.

    1. I second this motion Mr. Reed. It's baseball season, time to move on. I have.

      CC's cutter is basically the opposite of his 2 seam fastball, a pitch that Mariano Rivera also had and used. I don't mind the pitch selection at all, especially if Andy is teaching it to him.

    2. Daniel...
      I am not worried about it effecting his FB, it (many times) messes up the breaking balls.
      FB, Cutter combo work out fine. Some pitchers can incorporate the cutter, FB and a breaking ball (Andy) but not everyone!
      Can CC do it?

  5. Every GM knows Cashman is desperate to move Ichiro. We're going to have to eat his salary anyways, why not just release him? It can't be to save him the embarrassment. They released Wells.

    1. Some gm's might not buy it. The Yankee way seems to be to trade zoilo and keep Ichiro. Who knows

  6. JEFF LEVIN... 'a blogosphere survivor.'
    I don't think Brian is desperate to move Ichiro, as he is more than willing to move him. There is a difference.
    To release him is not advantageous.
    My guess, and I know no more than you, is that Ichiro could be packaged with a young catcher, and
    young outfield players....now being blocked. I am convinced there is going to be a trade.
    How large in scope ?.....we'll see.

    1. I just hope we don't give him away, he is good enough to keep around at that point. Beltran Gardner and Ellsbury will miss games, guaranteed

  7. I think it would be advantageous to both parties. For the Yankees, it would clear a roster spot for a player that clearly doesn't need any more time in the minors. Like Anna, Almonte, or Nunez. And for Ichiro, possibly more at bats. I don't see very much playing time for him on this roster. And I don't see anybody taking on more than the league minimum on his salary. Packaging him with a young catcher could work. I just hope it's not Cervelli. I think he's proving he can hit at the major league level. Especially after today's game.

  8. ROCKET REED...was only spooning out a chum slick last night. You take my humor too seriously.

    As for the YFU stuff...my wounds heal slowly. I know they read our words here, and I never want them
    to forget the dislike I have for them. You were not treated, as I was.
    This you don't know....I went to a saloon in Hoboken, NJ a year ago. To settle this thing with Rooster, and whom ever he brought with him. To let him feel the wrong end of an Irish fist.
    I sat at that first bar stool for three hours. If he/ they were there....the choice was to morph back into their
    worm like skins.

  9. THIS ONE....may hurt. ...But, for putting together a fine spring so far, Frankie Cervelli has put
    himself at the top of the teams hottest trade rumors.
    I am a huge Cervelli fan, many things to like about him. But, he is batting .500, and hitting home runs
    this spring. That has brought the White Sox, and the Diamond Backs to the trading floor.

    Not sure what the Sox would give up, but the catching short Diamond Backs have that 22 year old
    shortstop, Chris Owings. The more one reads about Owings, one can not help but to envision
    him being the next Yankee shortstop, for years to come.

    This is 2014, that awful 2013 is behind the Yanks. Good things are happening everyday.
    More than likely, sweeten the pot, and pull the trigger on acquiring Chris Owings.
    Sorry..... Franky.

    1. Sox are rumored to be offering Jeff Keppinger, Gordon Beckham, and lesser guys like that for Cervelli. I don't want either.

  10. Poor Cisco, here he is, starting to show what some thought he had talent wise for years. What happens, he will more than likely get traded!
    He is not the same Cisco of two, three years ago. He now is a complete catcher and the pitchers like throwing to him.
    Cisco, Phil, IPK, Joba and Brett (I think) were part of what I called "The Kiddy Corp" back a few years ago. They have all made it to the Show, as was predicted!
    Now I have to pick a new group of players.

    1. And so is the life of a New York Yankees prospect. Don't worry, he'll be back with the team in 10 years or so.

      I agree with you though, he is much more of a complete catcher these days. He ditched the fist pumping and got really humble and really mature, especially after the Biogenesis thing.

      I really will hate to see him go but it is obviously going to happen, probably this time next week. Write it down. Yankees need him for Panama and all the split squad games.

  11. ICHIRO SUZUKI....are we in the Kabuki theater again ? ....Illusions, and deceptions.
    THE PLOT : What do we have here, and where do the Yankees go with it ?

    THE FACTS : " And it is possible that no starting work is available anywhere for a 40-year-old whose .639 OPS last year ranked 136th out of 140 who qualified for the batting title — and the worst by any outfielder. It is not as if Cashman has been besieged by calls. It is not as if watching him this spring has jacked up his desirability — he grounded out weakly twice and fanned Wednesday to fall to 3-for-18 without an extra-base hit or steal.".......
    .......the above text , gently lifted fro today's New York Post.

    The facts, in Ichiro's case, do not lie.

    1. The thing with Ichiro though is he can still play a more than adequate center field, something that is worth more than most think in my opinion, and would be worth to US more than what he would fetch in a trade.

      If he was in a deal with Francisco Cervelli and David Phelps and fetched us a bigger package than fine, but in a one for one deal he means more to us than what he would bring back. Easily.

    2. Daniel...
      I agree with some of what you wrote and disagree with some!
      We already have two CFer's Brett and Elly! We also have one in AAA and AA that would bring more to the team than Itchy.
      One for one trade wouldn't work, not for me anyhow. Package him (as you said) with one of the catchers and a starting pitcher! I think we could make a good deal with that package.
      I don't need to see us get another OF or a 32+ year old player, no matter who it is!
      Just my opinion!

    3. I never said that Ichiro was the best option for us, I know Zoilo, Brett, Ellsbury, Heathcott, etc are probably better. I just said that Ichiro would bring back less than what he is worth to us. Being able to rotate guys in and out of the lineup and in center field is huge to keeping them healthy and productive. I simply left Zoilo and Slade off the list because they aren't making the team out of the spring without a trade. Also left out Gardy and Ellsbury because they are the ones that are going to be rotated out and are a given.

    4. Daniel...
      I understood all that but, I was trying to come up with a better combination without Itchy.
      Slade or Zoilo could be more help in a outfield rotation than what we have now. Itchy has lost a step and a half as we have seen. Soft ground balls to the left were hits, now...not so much!
      Don't get me wrong, I love what he did in the past but, the legs aren't there any more just like Jeters! Neither of them gets down the line fast enough for their hitting styles.


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