Thursday, April 10, 2014

This Day In New York Yankees History 4/10

On this day in 1992 Dave Eiland hit a home run in his first major league at bat. Eiland came through the New York Yankees system and also allowed a home run to first batter he faces in his career when he gave up a homer to the Brewers Paul Molitor. Eiland hit the home run in the National League in his first year with the San Diego Padres after coming over from the Yankees.


  1. Daniel.....this one has left me, with palms held skyward for a long time.
    Dave Eiland, former Yankee pitching coach, originally left the team for personal reasons.

    But, was later told not to come back. And then, he was gone. But why ?
    Question :....Why did he leave / what did he do, that made the team cut ties with him ?

    1. He was traded to San Diego. Why he was traded, I do not know.

    2., no, no !
      Dave Eiland...former pitching coach......Rothschild was named coach, after Eiland.
      Eiland did something ' un-Yankee '...and was dispatched very quickly.
      But what did he do ? What caused the dismissal ?

      Any of you ' regulars ' know ?

  2. Oh you mean what caused his dismissal as pitching coach, not as a player. Got ya lol.

    I'l have to research that

  3. There you go ! Dave Eiland, and the dark secret.
    I was very proud of my poem. last night, My wife, Anne Marie, looked at it, shook her head, and walked away. She is following the Bug & Rocket soap opera also.
    Talk later.

    1. Everybody knows that Eiland took his leave for "family issues". I read an article that the Yankees granted the absence on the condition that he change some of his personal conduct. He did not, and his contract was not renewed. I haven't found anything about what the issues were. Maybe it was infidelity, maybe he's an alcoholic or gambler. It's all gossip until somebody talks.

    2. the soap opera is over. Exciting times on the horizon.

  4. As I understood the scenario...the Yankees were not that happy with Eiland.
    He took time off at a time the Yankees needed him on the job so they offered the job to Rothschild.
    When he was ready to come back, job!

  5. Daniel...Yes, what has the cat dragged in ? a good question.

  6. A POEM...redux.....' Cow Girls with Cramps '
    Its not a limerick, but it has a lot of Bob Dylan in it.

    Cow Girls with Cramps.

    Rocket, and the Bug, went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.
    The Bug says to the Rocket..." you wear a toupee, and you said Derek Jeter will hit .260."
    The Rocket says to the bug..." you are a fat ass, you cause all the worlds troubles."
    The Rocket, an adult, grabs his marbles, and runs away..." good bye, I'm out of here."
    The Bug, an adult, comes down the hill with the pail of water. Smiling all the way.
    The Bug disappears.
    The end.
    By patrick....also, an adult.

  7. MICHEAL'S HAND :...If its a foreign substance, then he is not going to great lengths to hide it, is he ?
    Why doesn't he just shmear it on his forehead ?
    Why didn't the Boston manager run screaming to the umpires? Maybe because some of his guys. have
    Jiffy Lube in their pitching repertoire ?
    Interesting photo.

    1. Well interestingly enough it was there in the 4th inning and gone by the 5th after mlb network cameras started showing it....

      Clay Nichols had some on his forearm too which is probably why nobody complained

    2. Obviously that is buchholz and auto correct has let me down again.

  8. DAVE EILAND....and the reason is !!!
    While I'm no stranger to jumping into the gutter...try this one out. Lifted from another part
    of our blogosphere. ..................... (not my words )
    " I think Dave Eiland had a serious alcohol issue. I think it showed, badly, and it was so bad in June that the Yankees themselves asked him to leave and get help for however long he felt was necessary. I think Burnett was stinky in June because he was not used to not having Dave Eiland around. I think Eiland helped get Burnett back on track in July. But I think Dave Eiland had a personal setback in his sobering process. And I think that’s why Burnett also had some serious setbacks on the mound.

    A.J. Burnett kept saying he was working hard to fix his issues. I believe him. And I think he was, but Eiland was too messed up to help Burnett properly. I think A.J. Burnett confronted him in September, because he promised us, the fans, that he would do better. I think A.J. told Eiland he was sick of his behavior, and that Eiland needed to straighten himself out before he could help A.J. straighten himself out. I don’t think Eiland liked that very much…and I think there was an altercation between the two. I think Dave Eiland is the one who gave A.J. Burnett that nasty black eye. "
    Could be.

    1. I could see the alcoholism. Always kind of figured Jorge posada gave AJ the shiner. If AJ got that bad of a black eye from that old man he deserves to go hide in the national league lol

  9. Get may take a few more weeks, or more. But, when this Yankee team starts hitting
    on all eight cylinders ( as the old media would say ) out !
    A big run is coming. Turn the page on the 2013 nightmare.

    Am I posting in a morgue ? This is the best you guys can do ?

    1. So far it has been the "Solary", Ells, Brett and Cisco show on offense. I agree, we will have the other (real) big guns firing "the sooner, the better"!

    2. Absolutely. Come May and June when the whole team is going in all cylinder this could be fun. It's not just sit back and wait for the three run home run anymore.

      McCann has hit the shit out of the ball, that shift is killing his average. How do you beat that? Get guys on in front of him.

      Looking at you ells, Jeter, and Gardner


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