Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Quick Hit: The Never Say Die Yankees

I am in no way comparing this team to the 2009 team that walked off some 142 times in a season, obvious exaggeration, but this team never says die does it? In 2013 if we got down by more than one or two runs the game was over, we knew it and the players knew it, but this team is so much different. We just keep coming from behind, keep rallying late in the games, and keep winning games we have no business winning. I love it and I love this team, that is all.

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  1. Going back a long way here but, when the Yankees won a lot of games coming from behind, it was a winning season for them. I am in no way saying, this team will win the Beast of the East, but they have a history of being pertinacious in winning seasons!
    If anyone out there is old enough to have followed the team for these 65 + years you will understand when one of the Yankees of old said something like this; "We never thought we were behind, we had Mickey"!
    With this team, we have NO Mickey but, we do have a few guys that can put together a late inning rally to win a game. Being honest, I like this way much better but, let's face it IF we had, Baltran, Soriano, Tex, Ichiro, Jeter and our 3rd baseman in their prime...it would be much easier! Sorry about that but, wishing only makes your head hurt, it never wins games...this team has been winning, as stated by Daniel above, that is what counts!


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)