Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tanaka's winning streak ends with 6-1 loss to Cubs

At least it was a quality start.

Masahiro Tanaka, the Yankees $155 million #4 starter, gave up 3 earned runs over a rough six innings tonight, as the Yanks fell to the Cubs in non-competitive fashion, 6-1.

In this evening's bottom of the first, Tanaka looked alright, striking out two of the three hitters he faced, but after that things started to fall apart, as Chicago circled the bases four times over the next five frames to end this contest early. 

Obviously, with the score being 4-1 when he left, #19 went on to take the loss in this one, dropping his 2014 record to a slightly less-than-perfect 6-1.

In tonight's top of the sixth, the Bombers actually showed some signs of life, getting a run off Jason Hammel (5.2 IP, 1 ER) when Mark Teixeira lined a single to center. At that point, the Pinstripes were within just 1, although that momentum would quickly die, as the Cubs would circle the bases twice in the both the sixth and the seventh to make this ballgame a blowout. 

And if things couldn't any worse, the Orioles beat the Pirates over in Pittsburgh this evening, again knocking the Yankees out of the division lead. 

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  1. TOO MANY THOUGHTS....are tugging at me tonight.
    I'm not steady, as to where to direct my focus. So much is up in the air, and no help seems to
    be on the near horizon. Just rumors.

    The ace loses tonight. That has never happened so far, with Tanaka. Are we getting ready to spiral
    downhill ? Will the staff follow him down the drain ? My guess, a few step up to help, but how much ?

    Sabathia. I don't care what I read...the curtain is coming down.
    Beltran...this Monday he takes swings. If he goes south, and needs surgery...they need a bat.
    You all know the rumors.
    Too early to trade for a pitcher, but that's all the sport sites are talking about

    No, it's not as bad as 2013....so far.
    I will not relive that kind of year. It will shorten ones life.
    My beach gear is packed, and at the ready. My love of walking miles on beautiful barren beaches, is second only to my wife, Anne Marie.
    Last year, I recorded 300 plus miles, on my beach walks. Enough miles, to get me from NYC to Washington, DC. My best summer in years.
    I am prepared to do that again, and will walk away from anything similar, to the Yanks of 2013.

    This is a crappy post. All over the place, I can't help it. The road is covered with fog.


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