Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Quick Hit: Exit Alfredo Aceves, Enter Pat Venditte

The New York Yankees were built on depth and versatility this season so why is switch pitcher Pat Venditte still in Triple-A? The Yankees were built to win so why is Alfredo Aceves still on the roster giving up home runs to guys who will hit one more the entire season and Venditte is still in Triple-A? If the Yankees want versatility, a second lefty in the bullpen, and a fresh arm or two in the pen then it may be time to bring up Venditte.

Venditte is not the side show that everyone thought he was, although he may be old as far as prospects go though, but he has definitely earned the spot. It's worth mentioning that Venditte has faced five batters since being called up to Triple-A and has a 0.00 ERA and has five strikeouts.


  1. It's about time somebody said that out loud! If you look at his career numbers in the minors, he has always been a solid pitcher. I agree. Give him a chance.

  2. Good thinking guys...
    I'll second (or 3rd) that, why the hell not! He sure isn't going to wet the bed up in the big show, he has had to prove people wrong his whole career. Give him a chance to prove them wrong again, or fail, what ever it may be! But, can he be worse than Ace...not likely!

  3. Not like he could do much worse then the laundry list of guys we will all be laughing about next season...


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