Sunday, June 8, 2014

Offense Struggles in Second Straight Loss to Royals

After scoring 4 runs each of the last two games, it appeared the Yankees' offense was finally getting things together.

The expensive bats, 31-30 going into today, had gotten some big hits over the last few contests, putting themselves in a pretty good position with Hiroki Kuroda due to start.

That confidence, unfortunately, ended up proving misguided this afternoon, with the Yanks falling in ugly fashion to the Royals, 2-1.

Kuroda wasn't terrible in the loss, tossing 7 innings of two-run ball (both coming with two outs in the second), but due to recurring offensive struggles he and the team came up short.

To start off the day of dissapointment, the Yanks stranded the bases loaded in the top of the second, not scoring due to a pair of strikeouts of Derek Jeter and Kelly Johnson.

In between those K's was a grounder to first from Brett Gardner, causing Yangervis Solarte to be thrown out at the plate.

Later on in the third and fourth, the Yanks would also leave runners in scoring position, allowing James Shields to get the win with a six-inning, one-run start.

In the seventh and ninth, the Bombers got men to third off KC's bullpen, but again didn't score after a pair of inning-ending strikeouts of Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury.

Basically, the visiting team could never get a hit when it mattered, going just 1-for-17 with RISP. 

To add insult to injury, the team's power hitting duo of Carlos Beltran and Brian McCann struggled to just make contact in the ballgame, going a combined 0-for-7 with 4 K's.

On the bright side of things, Ellsbury did single in the contest's first inning, extending his current hitting streak to 13 games. It didn't necessarily help out the confident Yangervis Solarte and Ichiro Suzuki (RBI Groundout in sixth), who both had two knocks, but did show that at least one of this team's superstars was mentally at the game, something you could definitely argue against.


    ( EXCLUDING...Daniel, and Ken.)

    Now that I've asked the main bloggers to step aside.
    I ask you, the foot soldiers, to step up, and give a comment.
    Re : This 2014 Yankee squad, that is 62 games into the season. With 100 left, what don't we see ?

    What is it that you see, or do not see, as the team presses forward in the '14 campaign ?
    Have they flat lined, and this is the end result...500 ?
    This is a low offensive team. What can be added, that will make a difference ?
    The pitching as constituted, is slightly above, middle of the road. Your thoughts ?
    Are we watching Kabuki theater, showing the 2013 season all over again ?

    I respect Daniel, and Ken...but there has to be more diverse opinion than theirs. Let them stand back.
    You guys have moxey. Give it a moment to collect your thoughts, and let it fly.
    You guys drive in your point, let it rip.
    I'll follow you up.
    But, leave the other two guys out of it. What say you ?

    1. Come on. I don't count as a main blogger?

      In my opinion, the Yanks will still make the playoffs this year. They're not great, but I just don't think this'll keep happening. Beltran and McCann have to get on track eventually, and considering that three of the five starters right now are already doing well (Tanaka, Kuroda, Whitley) I have no serious worries. Pineda will be back this summer, and that point they'll be fine. You can't just have losing streaks

    2. Jack Niemuth :
      You are a fine blogger. I am trying to give Dan & Ken a break, from carrying the water.
      I also feel, it would be a good time for the others to step up, and contribute a bit more.

      My main concern with this team, and they are acting very much like the 2013 version, is the offense. Or, lack of same. Sixty games into this thing, and we are waiting for players to get back on track ?
      The pitching is at best...holding it's own. And Pineda, will a Labor Day return
      do any good ?
      Jack...I'm on my way off to work. Will be back 10:30 PM, to respond to all that want to air their voice.

      *****Ken Reed....take today off. Chase your wife.

    3. I just want to point out that through 62 games in 2013 the Yankees scored 250 runs, this year we have scored 249 through 62 games.

  2. I blog once in a blue moon, but that guy is always typing something interesting. Daniel...not so much!
    Now that I am in deep do-do! LOL !
    Let me agree with Jack...Streaks come and go! I would find a way to have Kelly Johnson and Roberts replaced. And bring up a couple guys for the BP...three out of eight are doing well or ok, with Kelley coming back, it should help but, we can't use the same 4 guys every game.
    As for hitting; what can be added to the comments by Jack and Daniel? Other than a very few, they suck...right NOW! The year is just starting to get interesting, we need to interject some life into this team...NOW!

  3. I tend to share my shorter comments for Twitter, but I will try and show up around the comments here more often.

    And see my latest post on what I think of this team.


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