Sunday, June 8, 2014

Phelps Gives Up Seven Runs in Frustrating Loss to Royals

After watching him toss a 1-2-3, two-strikeout bottom of the first, you'd think Yankees Pitcher David Phelps would do well tonight.

The long-reliever-turned-starter, 0-3 in his last three starts, was going up against a struggling Royals offense, one that you'd want to face if you were in his position.

That didn't happen though, as the young right-hander ended up surrendering 7 earned runs in just 5.2 innings in an 8-4 loss.

Going into the bottom of the second, as I already said, Phelps seemed to be doing alright, but to start off that frame #41 couldn't get anyone out, surrendering 4 consecutive hits and 5 total in the at-bat to put the Bombers in an early 3-0 hole. 

That deficit, though not huge, held up for KC until the top of the sixth, when the Pinstripes rallied to tie thanks to an RBI Double from Carlos Beltran (his first hit since coming off the DL) and a 2-Run Single from Yangervis Solarte, both coming with two outs.

Unfortunately, the contest wouldn't stay even for long, with the Royals retaking the lead in the bottom of that frame thanks to a 3-Run Homer from Salvador Perez.

That shot to left helped take Starter Danny Duffy (ND; 5.2 IP, 3 ER), who had recently blown the lead, off the spot, and pretty much put the game out of reach, with the Yanks only scoring once more on the night when Brian Roberts grounded out in the ninth.

Note: After Matt Daley gave up another run in the bottom of the seventh, rookie Jose Ramirez entered the ballgame, tossing a scorless 1.1 innings. It wasn't perfect by any means, as the youngster did walk a batter, but overall, the outing was still successful, with 14 of Ramirez's 26 pitches going for strikes.


  1. Poor Phelps, he should have stayed in the PB. He has talent but sooner or later they always catch up to him. That 2nd or 3rd look gets him in more trouble every time unless, his stuff is just garbage on a given night.

    1. Phelps can be a starter in my opinion. The problem is he is probably a fifth starter type and is being relief on for much more than that. Not his fault, that's Brian Cashman's fault.

    2. You could be right, Daniel! I am not saying he is bad, he has trouble putting guys away and the 3rd time around they light him up...well not that bad, they seem to get more off him the 3rd time up.
      As a 5th starter, you may have something there! He has stuff, but his stuff has to be off the plate, just a bit...or on the edges.
      I just think, he did a good job in the BP, when people come back move him back...Whitley stays!

    3. Exactly. You only want five-six innings and three runs or less out of your fifth starter. Phelps will give us that every time.

  2. As you (Daniel) pointed out; We have Pirela 2nd, SS, OF .340, .377, .479 along with Roller 1st baseman, .315, .402, .576.
    All I can say is: "Come on up, to the Big Show", youngish type players. I am not sure but, you guys may be better than the high priced people we have in; Roberts and Kelly!

    1. Between Pirela, Roller, Solarte, and Murphy that's a ton of fresh legs and players playing with fires lit under their asses on an old team... may be just what the doctor ordered.


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