Sunday, June 8, 2014

New York Yankees 2014 Draft Strategy

I think the New York Yankees draft strategy and strategy going forward to rebuild the farm system is pretty simple and it won't take them long. The Yankees drafted 39 players between the three days of the draft and 32 of them were from college, only seven from High School. The Yankees want their players polished and in need of as little seasoning and development as possible. The people in charge may finally be aware of the shortcomings of the personnel in the organization and the lack of developmental success over the last few seasons.

Of the 39 players the Yankees drafted 24 of them were pitchers, nine of them were infielders, four were outfielders, and two were catchers. The Yankees plan to spend heavily on the International market and may replace the lack of high upside players they didn't draft this season.

The Yankees will rely on the college talent to make impacts now while they wait on every 16 year old from the Dominican Republic and Venezuela to come up through the system later. It's not a bad plan and it may buy Damon Oppenheimer and crew a few more seasons with the club.

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