Friday, June 13, 2014

Quick Hit: This Is Going To Be A TOUGH Series

The Yankees finished off their three games in Safeco Field with the Seattle Mariners with a series win and while the offense still hasn't woken up completely the pitching has been solid overall. The Yankees now travel to Oakland to take on the Athletics and this is going to be one tough series, a series we could potentially get swept in unfortunately.

In the first matchup the Yankees have David Phelps, who has struggled mightily since Memorial Day, facing off with Sonny Gray. If it weren't for Masahiro Tanaka Gray may be leading the Cy Young Award race right now. Unless Phelps really gets tough and keeps things close enough for the offense to strike late or Gray simply has an off day this is going to be tough for the offense.

In the second game the Yankees have Hiroki Kuroda pitching against Scott Kazmir. Kazmir is a tough left handed pitcher and our right handed bats have struggled, namely Alfonso Soriano and Derek Jeter. Kuroda has been sharper but has still not been able to emulate his 2013 and 2012 campaigns.

In the third game Vidal Nuno will face off with Jesse Chavez in what could be a huge game for Nuno. Nuno has pitched better lately and much deeper into games than he has but he still does not instill confidence in me when he is on the mound.

It would really be unfortunate for the Yankees to lose all their momentum from the Seattle series this weekend. Maybe since it's Friday the 13th Sonny Gray will pitch like CC Sabathia and we can knock this guy around early.

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