Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Struggling Soriano Offers Questionable Excuse For Recent Slump

It comes as no secret to you all that Yankees DH Alfonso Soriano is currently struggling.

The fourteen year MLB veteran, who has been with the team since July of last season, has just four hits in his last 54 at bats, causing his batting average to fall from an already-frustrating .255 to a ridiculously-low .226.

With that drop in stats, most people would assume that playing him less is the solution, although Soriano doesn't think so, arguing that his excessive amount of recent off days is the reason for the slump.

"I don't play every day, my timing's off," Soriano told The Newark Star Ledger's Brendan Kuty. "So I don't have timing. I don't have rhythm. I have to keep working with Kevin, doing batting practice and in the cage. Try to find out my timing and my rhythm."

In the club's last two series, #12 did start just two games, possibly giving his statement leverage.

However, since he has been in the lineup the last two days it seems like his timing should be at least a little better by now, as the veteran went 0-for-7 with 6 strikeouts in the team's recent losses to Seattle and Oakland.


  1. What's Ichiro's excuse then? He plays once a week and still hits.

    1. Or JR playing very little until now.
      Soriano, has a big bat (one of the biggest) he is too old for it. He has to go a bit lighter with the bat and he won't have to cheat on, what he thinks is a fastball, (but it ain't) and strikes out on braking balls. Simple truth, his bat speed is down there with mine...and I am a lot older than he is. Like I keep saying, "The legs are the first to go, the last to go is the EGO.
      He has always had pride in using the heaver bat...but he was much younger. Bat speed is one of the keys to good hitting for avg, and power...he goes to a lighter bat (not much) and his bat speed comes home for his HRs'!
      Now I want someone to tell me Long hasn't told him to go to a smaller bat.

  2. Soriano does need to stop swinging that tree branch


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