Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Yankee Doldrums

First time writing in in 3 months and I got a lot to say. I've basically had it with this team. It isn't the pitching's fault. This team cannot produce runs. When they load the bases with no one out all I expect is maybe 1 run. RISP? Fahget abowt it. I went to one of the worst games on Monday, a 10-2 loss to SEATTLE! I get sleepy watching them. The only exciting player in pinstripes is Tanaka, who I may see on Thursday depending on the weather.

Note to Soriano: it's not 2001 anymore, stop with the big cuts and just get on base!

What else is there to say? It's frustrating not just seeing the team on the field, but the fact that it'll be the same teambuilding methods as long as a Steinbrenner owns that team? Any players outside of Gary Sanchez you're looking forward to? There is no solid farm system; hasn't been one since the Core Four and maybe the 2000s with Cano, Joba, Hughes, and Melky. We got plenty more Kelly Johnson types coming in though, who totally wilt in the Yankee Stadium lights.

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