Thursday, June 5, 2014

Yankees Ask Morales To Hold Off Signing

The New York Yankees had the audacity to ask free agent Kendrys Morales to hold off signing so they would have more time to evaluate the injuries to Carlos Beltran and Mark Teixeira. Morales has not played at all this seasons after not being tendered a contract after declining a qualifying offer and the Yankees want him to wait longer? Wow.

Obviously Morales and his agent Scott Boras said no and said that he would sign within a day or two of the first day of the draft being over, so tomorrow or Saturday. The Yankees need help and they need depth and while Morales may not be the most ideal person to fill those holes he would be invaluable if either Beltran or Teixeira goes down and we're going to miss out on him because we're being hesitant.


  1. Let's hang on here. We don't know how good Morales is, and we don't know how good Beltran will be in future.

  2. So he is supposed to wait a little longer after having to wait until June just to sign with us?

    Yeah right.

  3. I'm just saying that him being on the team is worthless if Beltran and Teixeira end up improving.

  4. While I agree he is not a good fit for us I wouldn't call depth that could potentially learn a new position in a pinch "worthless"


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