Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quick Hit: Will Carlos Beltran Be Enough?

The Yankees will get Carlos Beltran back tonight barring something getting Yankeed up, trademark pending on using Yankeed up as an adjective, but will he be enough for this struggling offense? In short I can't say with much confidence or certainty that he will be, this team is struggling across the board with the bats.

Beltran does add a patient bat and a power hitting bat to the middle of the lineup but cannot single-handedly make up for the short comings of the likes of Kelly Johnson, Brian Roberts, and most notably Alfonso Soriano.

With Beltran coming back basically as a full time DH either Soriano or Ichiro Suzuki will have to play right field in a platoon situation and will get many at bats. For every base runner Beltran gives the Yankees I truly think Soriano will just strand them with another strikeout.

Beltran is not the savior on this team it will be whoever replaces Soriano on the roster. Or maybe this post will serve as a reverse jinx and this will all be a moot point in a week or two. One can hope.

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