Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Alex Rodriguez Allowed To Use Steroids In 2007-2008

Alex Rodriguez is being vilified for his use of performance enhancing drugs since the 2013 season but had permission from Major League Baseball to use PED's during his MVP 2007 season and the 2018 season according to a new book. The book "Blood Sport: Alex Rodriguez, Biogenesis, and the Quest to the End Baseball's Steroid Era" was published on Sports Illustrated today showcased how Major League Baseball gave A Rod permission to take steroids for at least two seasons.

Rodriguez requested an therapeutic use exemption (TEU) to use testosterone before the 2007, a steroid that has been banned in MLB since 2003, and was granted permission before the season. A Rod would win the MVP in 2007 and hit 54 home runs, including his 500th of his career, that season with the help of the anabolic steroid.

Rodriguez was allowed to use clomiphene citrate in 2008 which is prescribed to men who suffer from a testosterone deficiency.

Rodriguez has not failed a test since steroid testing was implemented in Major League Baseball but is still serving a 162 game suspension this season because of Biogenesis. Something sounds fishy here but I am killed when I defend A Rod so whatever.

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