Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mark Teixeira & Jacoby Ellsbury Battling Injuries

Both Mark Teixeira and Jacoby Ellsbury were out of the Yankees lineup today and it wasn't just a normal days rest in a day game after a night game. Teixeira had his left knee drained before the game but is expected to be back tomorrow night in Minnesota. Ellsbury is described as "sore all over" and in desperate need of a day off. He was leading the Yankees in game, tied with Brett Gardner, before today so I could see that. Ellsbury is also expected to be back tomorrow night for the Twins series.

The Yankees need Ellsbury and Teixeira back and back healthy so this is something to definitely keep an eye on. Teixeira leads the team with 15 home runs and RBI's with 41 while Ellsbury is a .288 hitter and your typical number three hitter. The Yankees are already struggling with the bats, this doesn't help. Hopefully it's a one day off and done type of scenario.

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