Friday, July 25, 2014

Marvin Gaye was right.

I'm here to announce I'm a total hypocrite.

Like many sane people, I'm angered at the hypocrisy of the NFL for suspending Josh Gordon a full season for PEDs and Ray Rice 2 games for "allegedly" (I love that word) hitting and abusing his now-wife.

But guess what? I'll be watching football Week 1. Two reasons. 1) I love football. 2) I have to. As a sports talker/big mouth/combination of both, I have to keep up with everything.

Now, am I losing any sleep at night? Do I really think I'm just a total hypocrite? No. I've never really been the activist-type where I'd protest something forever over an incident, although I won't watch any more Woody Allen movies. It just feels wrong to me that the mothership's basically giving out slaps on the wrist for assaulting your fiancee. Stephen A had horrible wording for trying to make a point (Google it if you don't know what he said,) but I don't believe he should be fired over this, nor do I believe he will. Fellow broadcasters, no matter how much I can't stand some of them, have to stick together over speech issues. Unfortunately, it's a competitive world, which brings out the worst in us.

Here's a real problem: has anyone seen the Real Sports segment recently on working conditions in Qatar? In preparation for the World Cup in 2022, Qatar is building 12 futuristic stadiums basically using slave labor from India, Pakistan and Nepal to name a few neighboring nations. FIFA cannot allow this to go on under their noses in a country that may have bought votes to host the Cup there in the first place. These migrant workers live in work camps: eight to a room, long and hard hours, no showers and disgusting kitchens. I will say this: I will not be watching the Cup if Qatar is hosting it, and I feel as the world's leading advocate of democracy, this country shouldn't be paying for any media rights for a Cup with a huge black cloud hanging over it.

Back to baseball: Yankees have a great second-half start, 6-1, although it should be 7-0; I think by the end of the weekend it could easily be 9-1. Toronto simply cannot win in the Bronx; old or new stadium.

One more quick issue: I read a tough but true article on Deadspin. This young sports reporter out in Minnesota, Tom Schreier, talked about his time interning at then start-up Bleacher Report, but fell victim to basically being young at a company acquired from a big conglomerate...after years of reporting for BR, he only was paid $200 for his services. This is a powerful piece in a time where young people are told to stay quiet and not badmouth previous jobs, even if they were mistreated.

That doesn't have to be the culture. We (youth) can become successful and change this in a very simple way: remember where we came from. I hope to be a huge success talking sports not just for myself, but to mentor the guys that are where I am now, instead of shunning them or making them get my coffee. Always remember your roots: that's what I was taught at home.

In the words of Marvin Gaye, "What's goin' on?!" #fullcircle

Neil Dwyer @neildwyer1993

Neil Dwyer


  1. NEIL DWYER....Just read your words. You seem upbeat, and a stand-up guy.

    Here is what my take is, from your efforts.
    Marvin Gaye, was no Einstein. And he probably asked a thousand times..." what's going on ?"...
    before his father shot him to death.
    Qatar, and their disgusting've seen those kitchens ?
    Qatar, and it's employees, are not our problem. Let them hash it out. Who cares...really ?

    Want to put our train back on track ? Our, as in our nation.....Find a leader that this country
    can believe in. Not some Chicago liar, who is protected from a harsh, honest critique because
    of pigmentation, and the media who fears the word ....racist. Fools.
    We can not move forward, if we are in fear of words / names.

    The last time this nation stood together, was under Pres. Ronald Reagan. A man.

    1. Patrick, you forgot Pres. Bush after 9/11! We were all for him until the Libs and Lib mouthpieces (media), decided it was ok to start their normal attacks on all Republicans.
      They have yet to find a reason to fight for anything, except political power. And if getting that power is tough, they will always go the extra mile..."The ends justify the means!"

  2. FRANCISCO CERVELLI....I have always admired this catcher.
    If only the dark cloud of injury did not derail him every year.
    I love his spirit, his energy....the hands on way he deals with pitchers, and his broad smile.
    Nice guy, and he can hit. He just seems to get better, every season.

    I see now that the Rockies, and the White Sox, are asking about him. I hope that does not
    come to pass. Send the others away, but keep Cervelli.

    1. The thing here is John Ryan Murphy is making it tough. One of them "has" to go.

  3. NEIL DWYER....nothing personal. but the word I was failed to use, in regards to your
    essay / comment...............was nieve. Very nieve.
    Sorry, you put it out others could comment ? Right ?

    1. One must remember Patrick, "When one is young and just making the clime to the top, believing in PC is all right. As one moves up the chain, one understands PC is a bunch of SH-T!
      I hate PC, I have seen many people die because of it!

  4. CHRIS CAPUANO.....spoke the following words today.

    " There’s so much meaning that comes with being a Yankee, the storied franchise that it is,” Capuano added. “[It’s] just a privilege to be a part of it and put the pinstripes on. "

    Nice job, son. I wish you well on Saturday.

    1. He's also said how he grew up being a Boston Red Sox fan and that opportunity at the beginning of this season was his lifetime goal....

      He says the right things, sure.

  5. NEIL DWYER is a good man and make me envious of his writing talents.
    In fact the bunch of writers here are good and very talented, that is one reason I leave writing to the ones with talent.
    I'm happy commenting, not much talent needed for this job!
    "Do it well or find something you can do well"!


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