Friday, July 25, 2014

Quick Hit: The Yankees Will Be Buyers

Heading into the All Star break it was unclear whether the Yankees would be buyers or not at this year's trading deadline but now I think we know the answer. I know we all probably thought the Yankees would buy, we always do, especially with this being Derek Jeter's last season and all but now it seems like 100%.

The Yankees have stormed out of the gate by sweeping the Cincinnati Reds and have taken three out of four from the Texas Rangers. The Yankees finish a home stand this weekend against the Toronto Blue Jays who have struggled over the years in Yankee Stadium. Pencil in the Yankees for probably at least two wins in this series.

After that the Yankees go out on the road to play Texas again, this time in Arlington, to close out the month and the trading deadline. Meanwhile the Orioles, the team New York is chasing in the division, and the Mariners, the team the Yankees are chasing in the Wild Card, are playing each other making it easier for the Yankees to gain ground.

It's official, the Yankees are buying. It started with Brandon McCarthy, it continued with Chase Headley and Chris Capuano, and will end with... stay tuned for that.

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