Thursday, July 3, 2014

Yangervis Solarte to AAA, Dean Anna DFAd

In an update to the news that Zelous Wheeler has been called up to the big club, the Yankees have announced the corresponding move(s) to open up spots on the 40-man and Active rosters.

Yangervis Solarte has been optioned to AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, while Dean Anna has been designated for assignment. 

It would be nice if the Yankees would admit their mistakes and just get rid of the dead weight on the team (to name one... Kelly Johnson), but in typical fashion they're just rotating youngsters in and out of the minors.


  1. I'm struggling to find the logic in this. Yes, Solarte was in a slump. Not much different than any other player in MLB has gone through from time to time. He still had a higher batting average than Johnson, Soriano, and Roberts. What kind of message is being sent to both fans and prospects? We designate a prospect that just returned from injury, outright a young player that has demonstrated ability, and keep worthless veterans that have done next to nothing to contribute. It's ridiculous that some of these morons keep their jobs. I would have been fired by now.

  2. Another thing I fail to understand, to tack on to you Mr. Levin, is we have middle infield depth and we piss it away. We have little outfield depth, no pitching depth, and adequate infield and catcher depth and we're giving away guys like Anna.

    Anna won't clear waivers, or I would be shocked if he did. He's gone. Why keep Kelly Johnson around? Are we freaking trying to build a team of 12 utility players? Works great for versatility, not so much on the results

  3. Jeff, you got it!
    This is a business and they will not DFA anyone they owe a lot of money. The Caveat is, until it is to late to be of any help.
    Soriano, is an example; he has been told for years to use a lighter bat...a coach can only help those that really want the help.

  4. The thing with Soriano is the Cubs are paying most of his salary. The Yankees are on the hook for around 5 million of it. We're in July, we got our "monies worth" and the rest of the season belongs to the Cubs. Soriano is essentially a free player at this point if you take that mindset, now cut him. NOTHING to lose that we haven't already lost.

    1. Sorry Daniel, you misunderstood what I was writing about, concerning Soriano. Or (Which is more likely), I didn't make it clear, I threw Soriano in the 2nd paragraph meaning, he wants to do his hitting his way. So how can one criticize the coach for his NOT hitting? He has been told to use a touch smaller bat for the last couple years. He will not do it.
      DFA him, make room for one that wants to do nothing but play and doesn't have an ego bigger then he is!


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