Thursday, August 7, 2014

Brian Cashman, Bring Me Rusney Castillo

The New York Yankees are cleaning house and trimming the fat off this steak and the work is almost done for GM Brian Cashman. It started with Brian Roberts being designated for assignment and it continued with Matt Thornton being given away to the Washington Nationals and now we have just one more glaring hole in this lineup, Ichiro Suzuki. Enter Rusney Castillo who has already had a showcase down in Miami and a private workout for the team. Castillo would be the last puzzle piece on the offensive side that completes the Yankees puzzle in my opinion.

So many times have we seen the Yankees pass on these Cuban defecting stars without even doing their due diligence or home work, see Yasiel Puig. Too many times have we seen the Yankees appear to be the front runners, see Yoenis Cespedes, only to lose out in the end. So many times have we seen the Yankees not even make an offer, see Jose Dariel Abreu, even though we beat the drum so hard on the blog my hands went numb. This time I thought, being a very superstitious person in my nature, I would remain quiet on the Castillo front but I cannot stay quiet anymore.

I have grown tired of watching Ichiro look uncomfortable at the plate, strike out at the plate, and not even be the stolen base threat or defensive specialist we once knew. I would love to see Ichiro get his 3,000 hits in a Yankees uniform but I wouldn't really be upset if we upgraded in the outfield with Castillo.

Castillo is 27 years old and a right handed bat that not only balances out the lineup but also brings some young legs and fire to the club that is severely lacking it right now. Also, could he do any worse than Ichiro right now? The good thing about the current Yankees roster is we wouldn't (shouldn't) even consider what it would do to Martin Prado. Prado can play everywhere, Chase Headley is versatile, Stephen Drew is versatile, and the Yankees could make it work if they wanted to or had to.

Bring me Rusney Castillo or bring this 2014 team death.... what say you Lord Cashman?


  1. BRAVO, SOUTHERN MAN !....nice mix of facts, and wording. you should run a site some day.

    Ellijay, this Castillo thing makes so much sense for the Yankees. If indeed he is another
    Cespedes, he is there now for the taking. The Yanks must know something, because he has a private audition / work out with them tomorrow.
    Rocket Reed made one error in this comment regarding this group of Cuban ballplayers, they
    are not signing 6-10 year contracts....most are for four years. just a small bump in the road for
    the ' spammer '.
    I'm just another poster, but was fortunate to learn my stuff at the former, great ' iYankees ' site.
    I've learned from the likes of Rocket Reed, and Tommy Twasp. Now I sail with Ellijay Burch. I'm enjoying this.
    So, lets get this Castillo person !
    Daniel, you deserve a cold one, after that post.

    1. You were definitely the inspiration for the post. I'll help beat the drum with you.

      Southern man, I take offense to that lol. I was born in the Bronx, didn't have a choice to move here when I was 14. I guess I could go back but I have a house and a good job and such, I digress.

      I saw a couple Rajai Davis comparisons for Castillo today which is odd. I like Davis and his base stealing capabilities. And I agree, no way Castillo is signing for 8-10 seasons. I think Jorge Soler got that much but he was in his early 20's not late 20's.


    2. Come on guys, so I thought I had read they were looking for 8-10 year deals, obviously they didn't all get what they wanted.
      I am as old as the Wild West, I have been duly chastised...thanks for clearing that up!


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