Thursday, August 7, 2014

Robertson Not Confused By Yankees' Lack of an Offer

Yankees Closer David Robertson, who has successfully converted 30 of 32 save opportunities this season, isn't confused by the team's lack of an offer. 

After yesterday's 5-1 win over the Tigers in which Robertson warmed up but didn't appear due to the Yanks' late offensive rally, The New York Post's George A. King III asked the longtime New York reliever if it was "puzzling" that the club's waiting until the offseason to negotiate a new contract with him, something #30 seemed to downplay, saying it's just the way they do business but that he has to do what's best for himself.

“Not at all, it seems the way they do business around here,’’ he said. “I have been to arbitration three times. It’s not like I don’t like playing here, but I have to do what’s best for me.’’

Currently, the reliable Yankees' hurler's making just $5.215 million, a salary much lower than those of the top five (Rafael Soriano, Jonathan Papelbon, Craig Kimbrel, Joe Nathan, Aroldis Chapman), who all make at least $7.835 million. 

Nonetheless, it is possible that Robertson will give the Yanks a hometown discount, as the 29-year-old's been in the Bronx since the start of his career. 

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