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The Daily Dozen - August 6, 2014

The Daily Dozen - August 6th, 2014 Edition
(Twelve Takeaways from Last Night's Game)

I am late on this sue me!

1. Remember when a 1-run lead used to be an automatic win for Verlander?  Justin's record now sits at 10-10 with a 4.57 ERA.  This after a very good 7 inning outing in which he only gave up 2 earned runs.  It really stinks that someone had to lose the game as both starters pitched very well.

2. Andrew Romine strikes again!  The guy goes 2 for 4 last night to RAISE his batting average to .219.  He's batting 8th for the Tigers and he got 40% of their hits.  Go figure.

3. Jacoby Ellsbury breaks up the perfect game in the 4th inning.  How often do you see a pitcher go perfect for several innings and then after that first hit, things fall apart?  Verlander didn't fall apart per say, but he did allow a follow up walk to Teixeira.  But of runs out of it.

4. Chris Capuano was dealing last night!  The only run given up was in the first and it was unearned due to a Jeter error, a wild pitch, and a sacrifice fly by Miguel Cabrera (more on him later).  If you would have told me that Capuano was going to pitch 6-2/3 innings with 0 earned runs and 8 strikeouts this late in the season, I would have told you to sign him to a free agent deal for 10 million a year in the offseason.
Come at me bro! (Photo Credit: NY

5. Errors are absolutely killing the Yankees...well not really, but they should be.  The Yankees made another 3 errors in last night's game but only 1 led to a run.  But I can tell you, it is giving everyone ulcers because seemingly every pitch matters.

6. Derek Jeter sits at 3,429 hits.  Only 1 from tying Honus Wagner for 6th all-time on the career hits list.  He may just break the 3,430 mark today during the game that I won't be able to watch.  Such a shame.  I wonder if he gives out a gift basket for every hit?  That would be epic.

7. If Mark Teixeira were a free agent next year would you sign him for $25 million a year? When does the .230 batting average become worth it?  Is 19 home runs enough to make up for the low average or the frequent injuries.  I'm not buying it, although he came up clutch to provide an insurance run in the 8th inning.
"I will consistently deliver you 30 home runs and a .230 average."

8. YES YOU McCANN! It isn't just a catchy political slogan anymore.  Brian McCann hit his (un)lucky 13th dinger last night to put the Yanks up 2-1 and put a loss on Verlander's record.  He still has a year in my book to live up to expectations after a lofty offseason free agent deal, but he's also in the Teixeira zone with 49 RBI (to Mark's 52) and a .239 batting average.

9. Adam Warren was effectively wild in the 8th inning.  I say effectively wild because he threw 13 balls and 14 strikes total of which many were foul balls.  But when it mattered most he kept the Tigers from scoring with both Cabrera and VMart on base.  This took away any chance for a momentum swing and allowed the Yankees to tack on some insurance later in the inning.
I think I might start calling him Mr. Warren G...

10. There was a ton of speed on the basepaths in the 8th inning last night.  Which is the way we want it...well we got it.  And we've got it for years to come in the tandem of Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury.  How great will it be to have those 2 messing with pitchers while sluggers such as McCann and Beltran try to drive them home?  Not to mention their stellar defense.  Kudos to the front office on those two guys who have an equal shot at being the next Captain in my humble opinion.
Ichiro: "Hey guys...wait up for me...!" (Photo Credit:

11. The challenge paid off for the Yankees in the 8th.  Here's my problem with the challenge.  The manager is allowed to saunter out to the umpire delaying the game in order for someone upstairs to look at a replay to say whether they should challenge or not.  In this case it worked in the Yankees favor, but the team shouldn't have access to the replay...they should have to go with their gut just like in the NFL.

12. Day games suck!  Working people can't go to or watch a day game.  It's time to get rid of weekday games before 7 pm.  Seriously...unfortunately I won't be writing a Daily Dozen for August 7th, because I won't know of which I am speaking without "watching" the game.  See you Friday night!

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