Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nick's Picks- Tigers vs Yankees 8/7/14

I wanted to save this for closer to the playoffs, but with a series like this and some amazing games so far I think it is a good game to start. The Yankees have already won 2 of the first 3 in this crucial 4 game series against the Tigers and their plethora of aces. With some big games from unlikely heroes, i.e. Capuano last night, I think picking some top performers will help boost the stretch run. 

Today we have Rick Porcello taking on Shane Greene. Greene, who has been pitching well this year, goes up against a 13 game winner in Porcello. Yet, with the way the Yankees have played against the Cy Young trio I am sure Porcello's win total will not even matter. 

Top hitter: You cannot ignore Jacoby Ellsbury's numbers against Porcello. Batting .700 with 2 HR's off of Porcello I predict Ellsbury to be a table setter in today's game. Going 3 for 4 I see Jacoby connecting for another homerun.

Top pitcher: Obviously there are some qualified candidates with the starters but I see this being another bullpen need. I see the newly acquired Rogers coming out of the pen today and helping pitch a strong inning with 2 K's.

Clutch performer: Whether starting the game or not I can see Stephen Drew do damage against Porcello or the pen. Drew has a low average against him but one HR so look for him to step up at some point in the game or do some damage on the field, regardless of the two errors last night. 

Final score- I see the Yankees taking home the series today in true New York fashion by squeezing by with a one or two run win; I will say 5-3. Let's get this series victory today.

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