Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Will The Real Buck Schowalter Please Shut Up?

We started the day off with a rant on the blog so why not end it with one? Does Buck Showalter HAVE to be a dick or is he just pretending? I mean seriously. First Schowalter gives Derek Jeter a framed picture of the Jeffrey Maier "home run" ball from the 1996 postseason. Cool, funny, creative, 18 years ago but okay fine whatever. Now he has to basically trash Jeter, or maybe that's just how I am taking it because I'm overly sensitive today, saying the flip play wasn't great because Jeter was late getting there.

 How many shortstops are in that position when the ball is overthrown? Your guess is as good as mine but my guess is none on purpose and maybe a couple by chance. How many shortstops have their head in the game enough to cut it off if they are by chance standing there and get it to Jorge Posada in time? Again your guess is as good as mine but I am going with none, by chance or not.

Buck hates the Yankees, how original, but you can't hate or hate on Derek Jeter. Stay classy Buck or shut the hell up. That is all.


  1. That is classless. I have not cared much for Jeters play at SS over the years, but he and Posada came through when it counted

    But you are wrong Daniel. Jeter was suppose to be there on that play, even Joe T. said they had practiced it many times.
    And he was late!
    But, the bottom line is, he and Posada got it right at the end.

    Had you never wondered why Posada stayed at the plate rather than moving out to get the ball, or why he was even in position to finish the play? The first reaction would have been for Posada to make a move to the ball, he didn't, because he knew the SS was going to get it...that was the play!
    Now I'm in deep water again!

  2. BUCK SHOWALTER : Nice man, but he is so freakin' anal, that he wears me down.
    He is good at what he does, and, if he hates the Yankees.....who cares.

    I love when Girardi, and the Yanks....make Showalter go balistic.
    The real unsung hero, is...Gene Michaels.

    Boston is poised to pounce on Giancarlon Stanton, if Florida can not extent him. This can happen.
    The Yankees are set to make an offer to, that Cuban guy, Castillo. Fine, do so, but do not forget
    your shooting star........Refsnyder. There must be a place for him, as they prepare to
    retool this off season.
    Yes....it's that time again.

  4. Refsnyder....2-4 tonight. 1-4 w/ HR, last night............Drew...173 ?

  5. Ken

    I never said Jeter SHOULDN'T have been there, I said most shortstops WOULDN'T have been there. I never said he wasn't late either. I merely said that Buck shouldn't be a douche and show some class.


    Don't forget Kyle Roller either as well as Refsnyder. Roller hit his 15th home run in AAA the other night and has like 26 overall this season.

    And Buck is just mad he got screwed by George Steinbrenner 20 years ago and takes it out on us. Time to move on, turn the page as you would say

    1. I apologize for the misunderstanding. I also said Buck was Classless.
      He has a reason for not liking the Yankees, after helping Stick, and Watson build that team, he was fired.

  6. What's scary is Boston has the pieces to easily get a Stanton deal done.... easily. And still won't miss much of a beat.

  7. No need to apologize sir. Buck was screwed, we all know it. Fact of the matter is a doctor slapped me on the ass in 1985 while I was minding my own business and I forgave him. Why? It was 28 years ago. Buck got fired 19 years ago... get over it.


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