Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's Far Too Early For A Bryan Mitchell Rant, No?

Here it is 7:00 in the morning and I am already ranting, this is going to make for a good day. Yesterday it made me mad but the more I thought about it the more mad I got. Why are the Yankees so against using young talented pitching? Bryan Mitchell finally made his major league debut Sunday afternoon in his third call up with the team and responded by pitching two scoreless innings with two strikeouts. One of those strikeouts came against the Indians best hitter in Michael Brantley. How do the Yankees say "atta boy?" They send him down to Triple-A for a "fresh arm" in Chris Leroux.

Leroux sucks, I can post all these stats and sabermetrics and try and make an argument but I don't need to. Leroux sucks and we all know it, Mitchell doesn't. Mitchell has yet to put it all together but he has better stuff than Shane Greene and maybe even Adam Warren (as a starter) and David Phelps but continues to get passed over.

When are the Yankees going to join the 21st century of roster construction in Major League Baseball and learn that you can build your pitching from within for the most part. Instead of bringing up journeymen who have always sucked and will always suck why not trust in your young guns and let them build confidence because they deserve it, not out of necessity.

Leroux is likely the ax man when Michael Pineda is activated tomorrow anyway but that's no excuse to slap Bryan Mitchell in the face once again. Carry on Yankees family, I'm just pissed.


  1. Never too early to rant about the handling of young talent. I have many questions concerning our young players. Why are Jagielo and Judge still in a ball? They were both college players that are already 22. Austin has been hitting well of late. Why isn't he in aaa? Why is Banuelos still on such a restricted innings limit in aa?

  2. While Severino is rushed and now injured. While Refsnyder was rushed to rot in AAA. While we have Alfredo Aceves eating multiple valuable innings in AAA.

    1. Alfredo Aceves eating multiple valuable innings in AAA...because that's where he is at his best.
      He is not a major league pitcher anymore.
      My Opinion, only!

  3. My issue is he is in AAA pitching 5 or 6 six innings a start that could be going to a Manny Banuelos or other prospect that is rotting and stuck in AA. Although Manny B was promoted to Trenton yesterday the point still stands.

    Your opinion is correct.


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