Thursday, September 25, 2014

9/25 Open Game Thread vs. Baltimore Orioles

This is it Yankees family, the last open thread for a game played at Yankee Stadium this season and it’s between the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles. This is game number four of a four game set between these two AL East foes. The Yankees will send Hiroki Kuroda to the mound to face off with the Orioles Kevin Gausman. The game will be played at 7:05 pm ET and can be seen on the YES Network, MLB Network, MLB TV, and can be heard on the radio with WFAN.

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It’s an open thread so go crazy Yankees family. Enjoy the game, Go Yankees!!


  1. Two years after I was born, Lou Gehrig died from ALS. Two years later my mother started telling me all about Lou, Ruth, Chase, Chance and a guy I hadn't ever heard of Walter Johnson (a non Yankee). I as with most of those watching the Yankees this year may have seen old pix's and Movie Sports, of that generation of Yankees.
    The players of the Ruth and Lou generation were very, very good players. Give them the equipment, training facilities and Medicine of to-day and they wold have been even better. Up to the 1960s era, the same holds true.

    Some will say, well they didn't have to face the BP pitchers they do now, this is true but, the players of today didn't have to face head hunters that wouldn't allow a batter to dive into a pitch more then ONCE. If you ever get to see some of the old reruns of games from the 50s and early 60s, you will not see a batter crowd the plate or dive into the pitch.
    The mound was lowered, the pitchers can't throw inside, the training facilities and equipment and paddings for the hitters...all these things started the big change in baseball as it is now! When you ask...somewhere in the 1980s'.
    Anyone saying or thinking those players, would have trouble in to-days game never saw them play! I saw Mickey, Willy and the Duke along with Hammering Hank, Teddy Ballgame, DiMaggio, Stan the Man and many of the players from the 40s up to this day play. I say to one and all, the stars would have excelled in to-days game, not only excelled, they would have been more than stars, try "Super Stars".
    Arguable? Yes! But, not for me or many others that are near my age, none at all!

    1. As always Ken, I respect your opinion. It is impossible to compare stars of yesterday to stars of today and vice versa. You don't KNOW if DiMagio could hit today's pitchers. Just like you don't KNOW that Jeter couldn't. I'm 38. I didn't get into baseball until the late 80's, early 90's. But I know the game had dramatically changed. All I have to say is this. (And I do mean it respectfully!) If Gibson, Drysdale, Koufax, etc. Had to put one in your "earhole" to move you off the plate, was their stuff really that good? And if DiMaggio, Williams, and Mantle were facing bullpen pitchers throwing 100 mph instead of a starter throwing 82 because it was his 160th pitch of the ballgame, would they be as good? All I'm trying to say is, your generation has it's heroes, mine has ours. It's impossible to compare the two.

  2. Jeff, you are right and I have said the same thing over and over again, but there are exceptions to the rule. Those I named were but a handful of players I have seen play myself. And I know a bit about baseball, as a kid I was on the field during warm ups, (really, it was just dead time) and got to talk baseball with many of the Yankees of that time..."The Scooter" and Eddie LoPat spent a lot of time with "The Kitchen Trash" kids.
    As for their stuff being that good, you bet your butt it was! Most of the ones I noted had ERAs around the 2.70 to 2.90 mark. I those days, the plate was theirs, and the batters box belonged to the hitters.
    The reason the mound was lowered was because of a few of these guys; Bob Gibson, Sandy Koufax, Don Newcombe, Whitey Ford, Hurb Score, Bob Feller...they dominated the hitters. Bob Turly, Ryan Duren and Sal "The Barber" Maglie, well one would have to see them pitch to understand the fear in the eyes of many batters facing them, they threw hard and WILD. Even the Commissioner admitted it when they made the new rules.

    I understand Jeter being the Icon of the 2000s but he is a hitter playing SS, back in the day a SS had to have range, arm and glove...hitting was secondary. Jeter has the arm and hitting.
    Times have changed, Jeter is the Face of Baseball and the Yankees. I would venture to say he is one of the Two Greatest Yankees of the 2000s, the other being Mo. But NOT one of the top 10 Greatest Yankees of All time.
    To be among the Greatest of All time, one must be one of the most dominate players of all time. Jeter was never and is not, a dominate player!

    1. I can't argue who could or couldn't play in today's game or yesterday's game, because I've never seen them play. In twenty years from now, I'll be having this same conversation with another Yankee fan that's forty years younger than me. Except the roles will be reversed. You know what they say Ken, opinions are like a$$holes. We've all got one, and they all stink!

    2. Dat be da truf a dat !
      Yes you will, and you will say Mr. Jeter was the Greatest Yankee you ever saw play!
      The one thing that never changes is..."Ones Life and Perception of History, begin at the same time.
      For me it is and will always be, Mickey, A-Rod, and Jeter...all different types of players but among the best the game has to offer.

      "You know what they say Ken, opinions are like a$$holes. We've all got one, and they all stink!"
      I have found, those that believe that line, have never needed advice in a tight situation or help solving a problem.

      Thank you very Much Jeff, I realize how much you like Jeter and I am glad you have a player like him to follow all these years. And for not calling me names (well, almost) in your anger! After all, you did pick a winner to follow for 20 years!

  3. I really think Ken's real name is Keith, but his friends just call him Olberman :P

  4. KEN ' The old white boy' & JEFF L......their last two posts, sounded like two gastroenterologists
    having an argument.

    Keith Olberman...a prick of the lowest order. Fecal garbage.

  5. You guys have it all wrong, Jeff grew up with Jeter as the only real SS for the have you guys.
    "History starts at birth." those words are the truth.
    As "The Scooter" was my hero (before Mickey) because I grew up with him. 1946 The Scooter took over from "The Crow" (Crosetti) and I was there.
    I didn't denigrate Jeter with Jeff, I don't think! I know Jeter means a lot to most of the 40 and under fans and I have tried to point out the good with the bad, as I do with any player...Mickey and A-Rod included.
    I just have a different scale to judge the players on! Anything outside of the lines, means nothing.
    Jeter will make it into the HoF on the first ballot, as he doubt about it.


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