Thursday, September 25, 2014

Looking Back: My Predictions For the MVP Awards In 2014

MVP, or Most Valuable Player, is the big award that every player wants to win in any given season. We have seen pitchers win the award, and we could this season in the National League, as well as hitters. Back in March I predicted that Robinson Cano would take it home for the American League and that Giancarlo Stanton would take it home for the National League. While Cano has a shot at the AL award I think it will ultimately go to Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. In the NL Stanton was likely the leading candidate for the award before taking a fastball to the face. It remains unclear whether the injury will open the door for the Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw to win the award.

Take a look at my post back in March: 

For the American League MVP I think Robinson Cano will finally get the respect and recognition he deserves since he is not a member of the New York Yankees anymore. He has home run power as well as double power and should see those numbers come out again in 2014. He will play at least the first season of his mega contract with a chip on his shoulder, he may even run out a ground ball or two.

For the National League MVP I thought about putting Clayton Kershaw here again but decided that the closer Giancarlo Stanton gets to free agency the healthier and better he would get. That's why I am picking Stanton to finally play 150+ games, carry the Marlins to more than 60 wins in a season, and win the MVP award. Probably will not be a landslide, especially on a losing team, and will have plenty of competition but I think the time is now forMike Stanton.

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