Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nick's Picks 2.0: Red Sox VS Yankees 9/4/14

What a huge and an important victory last night. We need to keep this going right into this series finale against Boston tonight. With a series against the Royals looming right after tonight's game, a series loss at home against the Red Sox will not sit well in that clubhouse. Tonight we have Chris Capuano against Brandon Workman and Capuano needs to pitch like a champ. We need this and hopefully my picks might come to fruition by predicting a huge night for the Yankees.

Breakout Hitter: Ellsbury is going to have a huge night against the struggling Workman. A righty with a 1-8 record and close to 5.00 ERA means good things for the Yankees lefties. Look for Ellsbury to hit a double and a homerun tonight and drive in four runs. Ellsbury is going to be 3-5 and ready to mash tonight.

Best Pitching Performance: The bullpen is going to bring out a few bright spots at the end of the game to make sure no Red Sox comeback ruins the night. I would say that Betances is going to be the pitcher tonight, as he comes in for one inning, and blows away three straight hitters. He is going to be as dominant as he was last night.

Simply Clutch: Running with the theme of the lefties, tonight I think that McCann is going to be the clutch hitter. The lefty catcher has been seeing the ball really well of late and honestly I think he is ready to do some damage. Look for McCann to have a big hit somewhere in the game, extra bases, and driving in at least two. McCann is going to hit when the team needs it.

I know that this is going to sneak in there as the game is starting right now, but this series is heading in the right direction as last nights game was dominant. The Yankees know how much this game means with bigger series looming and I predict a 6-2 win tonight. Let's go Yankees! Remember YCPB!

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