Thursday, September 4, 2014

Can't Predict Baseball: No Hits, No K's, No Runs, No Days Off

You know it's true what they say Suzyn, you really can't predict baseball. Take for instance the 1906 Chicago Cubs who were surpassed today by the New York Yankees, seen in the "This Day In Yankees History post", as the quickest team to ever reach 100 wins. New York did it five days earlier than the Cubs on the calendar but the Cubs had a staggering 100-32 record when they accomplished the feat.

Also take for instance when the Philadelphia Phillies set a National League record for consecutive games without being shutout with the teams 151st straight game. This comes nowhere near the American League record held by the New York Yankees with 308 straight games scoring at least one run.

Also keep in mind the time that Sam Jones no hit the Athletics in 1923 on this day at Shibe Park. Jones did not strike out a single Philadelphia batter in the game, a feat that would not be matched again until 1969 when Ken Holtzman accomplished it.

We mentioned this earlier but on this day in 1993 a guy with one arm threw a no hitter in Major League Baseball in Jim Abbott. Enough said Yankees fans.

Finally on this day in 1906 the New York Highlanders, formerly the Baltimore Orioles and soon to be the New York Yankees, beat the Boston Americans 1-0 to finally earn a day off. The Highlanders completed a grueling five consecutive double headers in six days trip and swept them all going 10-0 during the streak.

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