Thursday, September 4, 2014

Playoff Teams Beat The Teams They Are Supposed To Beat

One common theme across every playoff team this season, Wild Card or division winner, will be that the team that makes the playoffs tend to beat the teams they are supposed to beat. I'm talking about the weaker teams in the league record wise including the Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays, Minnesota Twins, Chicago White Sox, Houston Astros, and Texas Rangers specifically for the American League. The Yankees, using this methodologically, are not a playoff team in 2014.

Let's take a look at the Yankees record against these "weaker" teams around the league and you can see what I mean. I wrote this last night and didn't feel like getting mad and disgusted last night so I skipped the game with Boston so you will have to account for that on your own.

Here's the list:

Houston Astros: 2-4
Boston Red Sox: 8-6
Chicago White Sox: 5-2
Cleveland Indians: 3-4
Minnesota Twins: 4-3
New York Mets: 2-2
Tampa Bay Rays: 5-8
Texas Rangers: 4-3
Toronto Blue Jays: 8-7

The record against the Astros and White Sox are pretty decent but with the team that Boston has fielded for much of this season this should look much different. Scraping by against the Indians, Twins, Mets, and Blue Jays tells the story of this .500 team. Having a losing record to a team that was once 18 games under .500 this season is downright despicable and why this team will not be making the postseason in 2014.

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