Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thinking About 2015: Derek Jeter's Replacement

The New York Yankees season is winding down and so is the career of the great Derek Jeter. Much like this season when New York had to replace closer Mariano Rivera and starting pitcher Andy Pettitte the Yankees will have a huge hole at the shortstop position to fill in 2015. Many analysts have speculated that the Yankees would hand the reigns to JJ Hardy of the Baltimore Orioles via free agency but I have to disagree. Hardy hits home runs but would command a contract that the Yankees are unlikely to consider, enter Asdrubal Cabrera in his place.

I personally called for an Asdrubal trade before the July 31st trading deadline so he could learn and play second base for the team. The Washington Nationals were reading my material that day and pounced on the shortstop and plugged him in at second base with great results. While Cabrera is nothing more than a stop gap and not the solution long term at short I would like to see him in the fold and in pinstripes when the 2015 season begins. 

Cabrera hit .246/.305/.386 with nine home runs and 40 RBI before the trade to Washington and has hit .235/.333/.429 with four home runs and 12 RBI. This production has come from a bottom the order type hitter and would instantly make him one of the best offensive producers if he were on the Yankees this season. Jeter has a -0.1 WAR this season and Cabrera has a 1.1 WAR, let that sink in for you. 

Cabrera is only 28 years old (will be 29 in November), a switch hitter, and adequate enough with both the glove and the bat to get the job done in New York in my opinion. This falls under that "makes too much sense to happen" category for the Yankees. 


  1. Cabrera would be a good sign as long as it doesn't take Peralta type money. If the Yankees are going to commit $50 million, I would rather see it go to Hardy.

  2. Cabrera is (going off memory) a good four or five years younger than Hardy. Not that I want to see New York necessarily go Peralta money but I wouldn't be upset with it either.

  3. He's a little over three years older. I didn't think Hardy was that old. The other downfall to Hardy is that he will most likely receive a qualifying offer. Don't really want to wait until the second round to draft again.

  4. Like I said I was going off memory, my memory isn't that good apparently. Missed it by a little, oh well.


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