Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Daily Dozen - 9/3/14

The Daily Dozen - September 3, 2014 Edition
(Twelve Takeaways from Last Night's Game vs. the Last Place Red Sox)

1. Comparing Jeter and Ortiz.  For some reason ESPN felt it necessary to compare the great Derek Jeter to David Ortiz.  Not really sure why...they don't play a similar game, they aren't both retiring, and they aren't both Captains of their teams.  Derek Jeter didn't reportedly used steroids either.  But here were those comparitive stats: Jeter had 2,643 starts at Shortstop (the most in MLB history), Ortiz has 1,742 games started at DH (also the most).  Do you really "start" at DH? Jeter had 3,446 hits (6th all-time) coming into the game and Ortiz had 461 home runs (most by a DH all-time).  Jeter had 158 playoff games (most all-time) vs. Ortiz' 82 (2nd among active players).  Jeter had 5 World Series titles to Ortiz' 3 rings.

2. The Yankees started the game 5 back of a playoff spot behind the Detroit Tigers. The chances of ending Jeter's career in the postseason look to be dwindling.  The Yanks need to go on a very hot streak to continue the Jeter-love-fest.

3. Was it just me or were there a TON of empty seats in Yankee Stadium last night? The official box score said there were 40,007 in attendance.  Could have fooled me.

4. Hiroki Kuroda has 4 straight years of 11+ wins in a season.  He had 9 coming into the game (and now 10).  When did 11 game win seasons begin to be something to celebrate?  The more impressive stat is that he has gone 42 straight starts with 90+ pitches.  He also tied his season high with 8 strikeouts in the game.

5. Double steal fiasco.  There have been so many base running errors this season.  I'm not sure if it's just being over aggressive or if the base coaches are terrible, but I am seriously getting sick of promising innings being ended due to outs on the basepaths.

6. Brian McCann hits bomb #17.  This opened up the scoring for the Yankees in the 2nd inning as he put a deep ball into the right field stands.  I'm beginning to think this arrangement with the new catcher will work out just fine.  He seems to finally be adjusting to New York.  Hell, he can hit .200 all year as long as he rakes against Boston!

(Courtesy of Jeff Quagliata's Twitter feed)

7. Two of the nine starters for Boston's 2013 World Series team now play for the Yankees.  Pretty interesting fact there.  Boston is definitely a different team without Ellsbury although I'm sure they will tell everyone that Jackie Bradley, Jr. is the future of the franchise.  Maybe two more of the players from the 2013 Championship team will soon join the Yankees in Lester and never know!

8. Okay...more on McCann.  He went 4 for 4 as shown above.  He also got nailed in the junk behind the plate.  Anyone remember a week ago when Cervelli got nailed in the same spot?  The Yankees won that game and Francisco had a big hit.  Maybe someone should hit the catcher before the game EVERY game just to make sure they get production that night...
These stats will make you go nuts!

9. Gardner needed to become more of a power hitter.  It's the only way to make up for his atrocious base running.  With his speed, he should be in the 60-70 stolen bases per year...not getting thrown out in a double steal...ugh.

10. Dellin Betances.  He recorded 240 outs coming into the game with 120 of those coming as strikeouts.  He recorded 2 more out of 3 outs total to give him 122 for the season, only 8 away from tying Rivera's franchise record for a relief pitcher.

11. I know the Yankees "gave up" Kelly Johnson for Stephen Drew.  What I'm getting at here is that they shouldn't have even given up a bucket of base balls for him.  Worthless.  Hopefully he changes my mind next season?

12. David Robertson puts a Golden Sombrero on Craig.  Man, how's that trade working out for the Red Sox?  Allen Craig looks lost at the plate.  His 4 strikeouts were added to by 8 additional Ks on the night by the Boston players.  They suck!


  1. FYI the Red Sox are not jerking Jackie Bradley Jr. off anymore. Rusney Castillo has been penciled in as the teams starting center fielder for 2015 and beyond. Long time between then and now, I know, but that's what it is today.

  2. I am aware...I chose not to write about him since I heard the name ad nauseam on the broadcast last night...

  3. Sounds good, just didn't know if you had heard it. That was the first time I had heard it, thought it was interesting. Pegged him as a right fielder in the majors. Especially with those tricky dimensions in center.


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