Sunday, September 7, 2014

Recap & Ranking The Derek Jeter Farewell Tour Gifts

The most creative gift has to go to the Texas Rangers but they had a little help from President George W. Bush while the gift most likely classified as "going through the motions" has to go to the Kansas City Royals. No gift from Kansas City, just a donation to the Turn 2 Foundation. Honestly that's probably what Derek Jeter would have had each team do but who buys the person socks and underwear for Christmas when they ask for it? If I had to make a Top 5 list I would go with the Rangers gift, the Mets gift, the Tigers gift, the Blue Jays gift, and the Angels gift. All of these are very likely to be outdone by a large margin by the Yankees this afternoon and by the Boston Red Sox on the final game of the season. Stay tuned to the YES Network this afternoon.

#2 Yankees Cowboy Boots
Houston Astros (4/2/14)

Yankees #2 paddle board
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (5/7/14)

Golden Bat and a $10,000 donation to Jeter's non profit charity
Milwaukee Brewers (5/11/14)

#2 made out of Subway tiles and a Derek Jeter cake. 
New York Mets (5/15/14)

#2 off the Wrigley Scoreboard 
Chicago Cubs (5/21/14)

A case of dirt from US Cellular Field, a donation to the Turn 2 Foundation, and a bench made from baseball bats and bases.
Chicago White Sox (5/25/14)

Stan Musial cuff links and a $10,000 donation to the Turn 2 Foundation. 
St. Louis Cardinals (5/26/14)

$34,000 watch from Robinson Cano, Safeco Field base, and donation to the Turn 2 Foundation
Seattle Mariners (6/11/14)

Last second base bag used in Metrodome (Yankees ALDS clinching win) and $10,000 donation to Turn 2.
Minnesota Twins (7/5/14)

#2 guitar and a Lego portrait of the Captain
Cleveland Indians 7/10/14

Signed and framed jerseys from Dave Concepcion and Barry Larkin
Cincinnati Reds 7/19/14

Cowboy boots, framed picture with President George W. Bush, and $10,000 donation to Turn 2
Texas Rangers 7/30/14

$10,000 donation to the Turn 2 Foundation
Kansas City Royals 8/25/14

University of Michigan Baseball Jersey
University of Michigan 8/27/14

Two seats from Tiger Stadium, three paintings of Jeter at Kalamazoo High School, Tiger Stadium, and Comerica Park, and $5,000 donation to Turn 2
Detroit Tigers 8/27/14

Three night all expenses paid trip to the Canadian Castle of the Rockies and $10,000 donation to Turn 2
Toronto Blue Jays 8/31/14

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