Sunday, September 7, 2014

Quick Hit: Derek Jeter In Commercials

Derek Jeter and the #RE2PECT commercial got me thinking what other commercials has Derek Jeter been in? There was more than I thought by a long shot surprisingly so enjoy Jeter showing a side we didn't get to see nearly enough in his time as a player, his human side. Enjoy!


Gatorade commercial stealing a base off John Lackey

Ford commercial

Visa commercial with the late George Steinbrenner

Gillette commercial w/ Tiger Woods singing "Stayin' Alive"

This is Sportscenter - Who Touched My Razor?

"I Live For This"

2008 Upper Deck Baseball Cards


  1. Southern Burch....real nice job putting up the Jeter commercials. Brought back memories.
    I'm off to the beach. Enjoy your sons.

    1. I've been working on Jeter off and on for a month... hope it shows.


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