Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Young Not Making Excuses For Earlier Struggles, But Ready to Move On

New Yankees Outfielder Chris Young is coming to terms with his bad first half. 

According to an article published earlier today by The New York Post's Fred Kerber, Young is beginning to accept that what he produced during his recent tenure with the Mets wasn't acceptable, something pretty obvious considering his batting average during the 4 1/2 months was just .205.

“I hold myself fully accountable,” Young said before the Yankees/Red Sox game tonight. “But at the same time you have to let it go."

Why, exactly? Because forgetting the past is essential to Young's future.

"This is a new team. They’re on a path to try to make a playoff push right now and there’s no real reason to hold onto the past. What’s done is done. All I can try to do is make the most of this opportunity."

Yep, that really is all he can do. Sitting at just 70-65 entering play this evening, the Yankees aren't looking too good in their race for a Wild Card Spot, an unfortunate fact that likely won't be affected by what Young does on the field.

Nonetheless, Young needs to play well in this last month. No, doing so won't guarantee him another job in 2015, but yes, it'd give him confidence, a feeling that can't hurt anything when it comes to aging veterans. 

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