Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bring me Ron Gardenhire

I was scrolling around in the comments section of the site when one of our friends and daily frequenter patrick (always a little “p”) mentioned bringing the recently dismissed Twins manager Ron Gardenhire to New York. Why didn’t I think of that? What a great idea!

Gardenhire is a great baseball mind, a player’s manager, and is available for the low, low price of just a contract offer. The biggest issue here is Gardenhire is likely to, and deserves to, get a managing job elsewhere. The best we could theoretically offer him is a third base or first base coach job unfortunately with the promise that once Tony Pena gets the managerial job that he deserves that a promotion for Gardy would follow.

I don’t think I necessarily have to defend a Gardenhire signing to any one reading this but I will hit the high points just to be on the safe side. The Twins organization has shown a reluctance to spend money for quite some time now and instead have relied on their farm system to re-stock the big league club. When the Twins would get some star power in Minnesota they would either lock them up to financially crippling contracts (Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau come to mind) or trade them away for less than their worth (Denard Span comes to mind). When the Twins do decide to spend a little they throw money at players and hope that they stick, for every Phil Hughes they had three Ricky Nolasco’s as of late. None of this is or was Gardenhire’s fault. He did the best he could with what he had or what he got in return when the team traded a versatile Sam Fuld.

In my opinion the GM in Minnesota should have lost his job, not the manager. Minnesota’s loss should be the Yankees gain. Bring me Ron Gardenhire. 


  1. Why don't we just fire Long and bring Gardenhire in as the hitting coach?

  2. Because I want Tino Martinez in that role dammit!

    I don't know the credentials for the job and how or if Gardenhire would be suitable for it. You only make a move if the move makes sense.

    Chip, is an urban N.Y. blogger. From the River Ave Blues site.....on Yasmany Tomas, today.
    Today, Tomas has been declared a free agent. Lets give Chip a listen.

    Ready, Chip ?....don't get stage fright.

    Chip • 9 hours ago....10 / 2 / 14

    " I think the Yankees should be in on Yasmany Tomas - but two things:

    1) it means you're committing Alex to 3b (because if Tomas is in RF Beltran's the full time DH)
    2) it also means you're absolutely letting Headley walk because, if Alex is the full time 3b then Headley is not signing on to be a utility guy.

    Now, I'm ok with both these things. I say open the season with Tomas in RF, Alex at 3b, Prado at 2b and Refsnyder in the minors and when Alex gets hurt you shift Prado to 3b and Refsnyder comes up to play 2b."

    Nice job, Chip.
    ( Someone let Chip know, that he made the Greedy.)

  4. A THOUGHT....from a daily frequenter patrick (always a little “p”) The little "p", worries me.
    ( You left out the part of me drinking Coors Light, out of a plastic Walmart bag, at Bat Mitzvahs.)

    I get the vibe, that David Robertson is gone. Boston, will use him to haunt the Yankees....for years.

    Again. I think that signing Gardenhire, would be the perfect opening to the off season.
    Make all the others nervous, that he is here.

  5. Lets stoke the flames !!!
    I know I'm stealing bites lately, but this one is good.

    Out of Los Angeles, Ca ( Their thoughts) HANLEY RAMIREZ.

    From early 2014.

    " For at least one more year, Ramirez's thunderous bat and swagger at shortstop will belong to the resurgent Dodgers -- a franchise winning and spending in ways it had forgotten during those final, pathetic years under Frank McCourt. But when the season is done, unless he's signed an extension by then, it will be time to wonder if Ramirez is prepared to leave the Yankees of the West for, well, the Yankees of the East.

    And so after he parried my first attempt at that question, I asked Ramirez to guarantee me another chance to ask after the Dodgers win the World Series.

    He agreed.

    "I will answer you," Ramirez said, "with what I'm going to do."

    He smiled when he said that, too, in a way that made you wonder if he's realized something else: Put up the same numbers he did in 2013, and very soon Hanley Ramirez will become the next shortstop no one is able to replace. "

    He, and maybe Tomas, can right the Yankee offense for the 2015 season ?

  6. He and Tomas plus ANY sort of bounce back from McCann, Beltran, and Teix makes this offense scary again. I am all for it little p the pornstar and Tommy White Boy's agent.

  7. I am also scared patrick about Robertson. Especially since Robertson and Koji Uehara are free agents at the same time... the need is there in Boston. We have "stolen" enough of their players, the payback may be coming soon.


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