Wednesday, October 8, 2014

FORBES: Yankees Top Brand, YES Network 7th

The New York Yankees have not made the postseason in two consecutive seasons but that has not stopped the powerhouse that is the Yankees money making machine. FORBES released their annual list of the most valuable brands and the New York Yankees ranked at the top spot. The Yankees YES Network ranked 7th on the list. 

Here is the write up for the Yankees brand: 

Team brand values are calculated by applying the same multiple we use to value the entire team to only those revenues not associated with the size or demographics if its market as well as equally-shared league revenue. The New York Yankees are the most valuable team brand in sports, worth $521 million, or about one-fifth of the baseball team’s enterprise value. The $521 brand value captures the name recognition and incremental earnings power that comes with winning 27 World Series. But it omits the portion of the team’s media, ticket and concession revenue that any team playing in the Bronx would get, and also excludes the $26 million that each of the 30 MLB teams took in from broadcasters Fox , TBS and ESPN in 2013.

And here is the write up for the YES Network:

Brand Value 2014: $680 million
Brand Value 2013: $625 million
YES posted the highest estimated revenue ($540 million) and operating income ($270 million) of any regional sports network in 2013.

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