Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Yankees Don't Have Interest In Yasmani Tomas

According to George King of the NY Post, the Yankees don't appear to have any interest in Yasmani Tomas.

Tomas is a 24 year-old outfielder who is the latest "big thing" to come to Major League Baseball from Cuba.
“He is a good player, but for $100 million? I don’t know... He is better than [Castillo], but that doesn’t mean he is worth $100 million."
Rusney Castillo, the last "big thing" from Cuba, was signed by the Boston Red Sox for 7 years and $72.5 million. Current Rookie of the Year favorite Jose Abreu was signed for $68 million, Yasiel Puig (who finished 2nd in 2013 ROY voting) was signed for $42 million, and new Red Sox slugger Yoenis Cespedes was signed for $32 million.

Even though taking a shot on Tomas may be prudent, there is one big problem with bringing him in... where does he play? The Yankees have Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner in two outfield spots, while the team is likely hoping Carlos Beltran can take the other so that Alex Rodriguez can be the designated hitter most of the time.

So even if the $100 million doesn't turn off New York, the fact that they don't have a true need for any outfielder could be the real issue.

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