Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Should The Yankees Sign Headley Over Sandoval?

First of all, I may nor may not have had a brain fart earlier in which I said the Yankees should possibly extend Chase Headley a qualifying offer. Chase was traded for during the season, therefore he can't be extended a qualifying offer. But that post has disappeared, so there's no proof that mistake ever happened, so let's move on.

With all the talk about possibly signing Pablo Sandoval, who is said to want a five year deal worth around $100 million, which makes him unaffordable for all but a few teams (the Yankees are one of the few), I thought of something...

Would it be better to offer Sandoval about $20 million a year for five years, or should the Yankees offer Chase Headley a one or two year deal with an average annual value of around $17 million?

Last season, which was hardly one of his best, Fangraphs pegged Headley's dollar value at $24.2 million. Of course, that dollar value could have been skewed by defensive numbers that were well above his previous two seasons. So what about in 2013, when he his offensive stats were about the same as in 2014, but his defensive stats were right in line with the year before? Well, that season his dollar value was $18 million.

Therefore, giving Chase $17 million would be a bit of a bargain. And with Headley's home run percentage being better in New York than it was in San Diego (everybody loves the short porch in right field), that value could certainly rise.

So how about it? Pablo Sandoval for five years, or Chase Headley for one or two?

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  1. I would say Sandoval simply for the fact that we don't have much in the minor leagues being blocked by a five year Sandoval deal. Well unless you bought into the Eric Jagielo hype, I didn't. I didn't and him being awarded the biggest disappointment by Baseball America cemented it.


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