Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Girardi Says Yankees Finding New Leader is "Important"

Yankees' Manager Joe Girardi said that the team finding a new leader for next season is "important."

This year, as you all know, longtime New York Captain Derek Jeter retired, ending a memorable career that began in 1995. Jeter had held the postion since 2003, when George Steinbrenner gave him it following the former's assistance in the winning of five AL Pennants and four World Series. 

"I think it's important," Girardi told's Bryan Hoch. "People have talked a lot about who's going to step up as the leader in the clubhouse, and I was on four teams here. There wasn't one particular leader. There will be guys that step up. I have no doubt in my mind."

The hope in the organization is that one of those guys will be a recent free agent signing, most of which have struggle since being acquired. Veteran Catcher Brian McCann, for example, could be considered as a possible successor to Jeter next spring, yet will likely have to improve his offensive numbers soon if he wishes to do so.

Girardi said that players may have intentionally not talked about their chances of replacing Jeter this season out of respect for him. 

"You wait your turn, just like a lot of times as a player, you have to wait your turn to where it's your time to shine," Girardi said.

If the Yanks are lucky, that time will come for many different guys in 2015. Because this year, strangely, their group of usually-good hitters struggled mightily at the plate, batting just .245 for the 11th best average in the league.

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