Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Quick Hit: Qualifying Offer Set at $15.3 Million

Just a quick hit for free agency this season, the qualifying offer has been set at $15.3 million this season. Any player who is offered a qualifying offer by their team can either decline the one year deal worth $15.3 million and test free agency or they can accept as a sort of pillow contract for 2015. 

If the Yankees were to offer anyone a qualifying offer it would be David Robertson or Hiroki Kuroda, no one else, so this number doesn't seem to affect the team much. Kuroda is likely to retire or return to Japan while one would think Robertson would return to the Yankees. 


  1. It's funny the difference $1million makes. At $14million, teams are offering it to mediocre players (Drew, Morales, etc.), and mediocre players are turning it down. At $15million I don't feel we'll see as many offers, and I think somebody might actually accept one.

  2. I can't see anyone accepting one. I think the biggest "lock" if David Robertson but the problem is this is his opportunity to get the biggest contract of his career, doubtful he passes that up.

    Nelson Cruz may accept it though and almost double his salary, although he will likely want a multi-year deal as well.

    I think the Morales and Drew offers were greedy more than they were mediocre. Those teams knew they would turn them down.

  3. I don't see the big hang-up with $14 or $15 mil., they should just shut-up and play. May the gods smile down on them for making $14mil. a year playing a kids game. Damn, they retire at 35 to 40 years old multi millionaires, what more do they want.
    Conversely, IF one is on a bad team or one that will not pay the going rate or close to it...that is different

    1. Get everything you can. What's wrong with that?

      I know what you mean, but I don't see any problem with a player holding out for more money. My only problem would come if they do so in violation of their principles (aka "sell out").

    2. The problem with Principles is, they run into the EGO and Greed NON PRINCIPLE and wouldn't you know...the ego/greed won! How many times have you heard a FA say he signed with another team because they gave him a better $$$ contract...other than A-Rod?
      There are a few, very few, players that stay with the team they played with their whole life and I, for one commend then for the loyalty they have for the team that "Brung" them to the Show!

  4. The players are here to make money, why wouldn't they take the highest offer? I can see when your later in your career and/or you wanna be closer to home or this team offers more playing time and yada yada yada... but if I'm 28, which I am, I am looking for the biggest and one of the last contracts of my life and unless it's the Yankees making the lower offer I don't care which team signs me.

    1. That is what I was talking about, in a way! (~ locomojis.com/whacky/7 ~)
      Most players DO go for the money, but say it was a better fit for them or the family really liked this city etc.!
      Tank was the same way, his family really wanted to stay on the west coast but, the money was in New York. Cano was another one,"Show Me the MONEY", they did and he did the move.
      How much money is enough? A-Rod and Jeter need not work a day in their lives, after retirerment. CC,Tex, Ells, McCann and Tank the same thing. Again, it is a kids game and they all say they play for the love of the game...PC, BS anyone?
      I don't care how much they make, my problem is with them saying, "it isn't for the money"(~ locomojis.com/whacky/16 ~)


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