Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cashman: Refsnyder and Pirela Could Be 2015 Second Base Candidates

Yankees GM Brian Cashman sat down with the YES Network's Jack Curry recently, and seemed to have some interesting things to say when doing so. 

According to Cashman, the Yankees may give infield prospects Rob Refsnyder and Jose Pirela a shot at the 2015 second base job, in spite of the fact that both of them are yet to play a full season in the big leagues. During the last two months of 2014, it should be noted, the team primarily used Martin Prado in the role, meaning that Prado may start elsewhere next year after all. 

“As long as they’re developing, they’re going to get a chance,” Cashman said. “The last few years there’s been less of an opportunity because there have been less obvious candidates. We’ve had, to some degree, some failures, whether it’s in our development or our drafting or our signing internationally that caused a little bit of a black hole that everybody obviously knows and we acknowledge.”

Cashman also opined that "brighter days" are ahead for the Yankees' farm system, which was ranked the 23rd best in the league this season by Baseball Prospectus. He said that the Yankees have options now for the first time in years, young pitchers Jacob Lindgren and James Pazos included.

“There are some exciting players that are coming that, unfortunately, in years past, they just haven’t been — those guys were just down the line and we had a gap that existed in the system because of previous years’ failures,” he said. “But those have been shored up."

The aforementioned Refsnyder was the talk of the fanbase in the midst of Brian Roberts' struggles this season, hitting .300 with 8 home runs and 33 RBI in 77 games at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Pirela, meanwhile, also impressed in nearly twice as many contests with the Railriders, batting .305.


  1. If the Yankees can get a top shortstop to give the offense a big boost, then I have no problem with playing Refsnyder or Pirela and putting Prado on 3B. But if somebody like Stephen Drew is the 2015 Yankee SS, then finding a 3B or 2B with a big bat would be ideal.

  2. The only free agent available with a big bat is Pablo Sandoval. There is no big bat at 2b. Unless you consider Asdrubal Cabrera a "big bat". Personally, I would rather see what Refsnyder has for $500,000 a year then see Cabrera stink it up for millions.

    1. I'm thinking trade. Like if the Yankees are able to get Tulo to play SS, then put Prado at 3B, and one of the kids at 2B. That's fine.

    2. Tulo is great for 3/4 of the year. His production on the disabled list doesn't do us much good. And unfortunately, that is exactly where he had spent a large chunk of his career. Do you really want to take on a $120 million injury prone player? That doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

  3. KEN..' The Hater '...REED ?
    All the way back to 2009 ? Nonsense !
    Not in my book. You were just being given some good natured teasing by others. Nothing more.

    Bret Gardner. I like him very much. Always have. But, we already have another Bret Gardner
    on the team...Jacoby Ellsbury. No need for two.
    Gardner is a great trading chip, without thinning out the young guys coming up.

    Gardner in a decent package, may get you that offensive short stop this team needs.
    They must rebuild very weak offensive 2014 / 2013 squads. It can be done

    Left field can be filled with a stronger veteran bat. Many will be made available as we move along.

    No, you were never a hater. Nuts ?....maybe.

  4. FLUSH DREW....I can not believe that he is even in our conversations.
    Turn the page, please. He is NOT the way to go.

    In a bit less than 1,500 AB over the last four is what Drew has brought to the table.
    A .228 avg....243 vs R....192 vs L.....I don't get it.

    The same characters from the 2014 disaster...for the most part, should be thrown over board.
    Mr. Drew should not be allowed back. Go back to Boston, cowboy-up.

  5. AND !!!....take Elvis Andrus, and his eight year 120MM guaranteed contract, and his declining
    defense, offense, and conditioning....with you.

  6. Jeff,

    While I understand, and share, your concern we shouldn't completely dismiss a guy based on the past. Remember when AJ Burnett couldn't go a month without landing on the DL? The Yankees got killed for that signing after 2008. While the results weren't ideal outside of 2009 the durability was there and has been there since.

    My point is this, bodies (just like minds) mature. Tulo's could, or it couldn't, it's a risk either way.

    1. I completely understand injury history can change. I just think it's a huge longterm risk that will cost us all of our potential prospects. By the way, I'm still waiting for my mind to mature.

    2. Tulo is more productive in 3/4 of a season than any other SS in baseball. Seriously, look it up.

    3. 100% agree. The guy is without a doubt the best shortstop in baseball. This is the only point I'm trying to make. Let's say from April - August he hits .350 with 30 homeruns. That is MVP type production. But what happens in September when that production is on the DL and we're stuck with the production level of Stephen Drew for the playoff push and the postseason? Plus, the guys in his mid twenties and has already had the same surgery ARod had to have in his mid thirties. Is Tulo going to be our "new" ARod? All I'm saying is "Buyer Beware."

    4. I understand that. You can't plan when or if an injury will happen. Just do your homework and make sure the chance of injury doesn't outweigh the positives of him being healthy.

      I don't know enough about Tulo to say one way or the other. But on the surface I think it's a fine gamble as long as the price is right.


    Really, is it time to gamble ? Two straight seasons of an injury plagued team, and you want to
    add another ?
    Wonderful hitter / fielder...........misses big chunks of seasons injured, and now hip issues.
    Really, why even go there / And the cost will be astronomical. Don't gamble. Stay the course.

    What is to be gained ? ...So true : CAVEAT EMPTOR :....Buyer Beware.

    ....I hammered his stats, and his up coming new contract the other night.
    Why not ?...All valid points.

    Now, all over the place, worldly bloggers are saying what a great player he will be.
    I'm worldly also !...And, I say be very careful with this one.

    My candles will not correct the damage that may result from that signing.

    Then again, I've often been challenged regarding my baseball intelligence.
    It is what it is. I'm here, and ' Yankee Fans Unite ' ....are in the New Jersey sewer system.
    Right where they always belonged.

    1. If it were me I would be going for the D-Backs these guys, Gregorius, Owings or Ahmed. Only because the Cubs may want way too much for their SS.

  9. I think Andrus would be a fine trade acquisition patrick only because the money involved keeps the team from giving up significant prospects. You're always buying a long term contract for his age 27-34 seasons, aka his prime. It may not work, I'll be the first to acknowledge the risk, but there's a good chance that it will.

  10. Ken,

    For what it's worth Arizona said they would have to be blown away and receive an "earth shattering" deal to trade one of their shortstops.

    1. If the Yankees buy into that rhetoric they are fools! There is NO way they want to keep 3 SS, when they need so much help! They know the Yankees are in the market for a good young SS and as with every team in the last 50+ years they want more than the deal is worth. Let Cashman do the wheeling and dealing, if they want to much then, kiss them off.
      Many fans want to cry when one says; "Ryan..shortstop!", he can't hit he will be a black hole in the order. I say no he won't be, not with men on base, he seems to come through more often than not. He won't be as good a hitter as the one we had but, he will be saving runs for the pitcher. There are other SS around we could go after but, Arizona needs young players to rebuild with. We have them, a few starting pitchers are being wasted on the Farm right now, catchers we have many...too many.
      My opinion, and you know, I am always right...well sometimes, maybe not many! LOL


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