Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What I’m Thankful For: New York Yankees Edition

Earlier in the day I got all sappy and I laid out everything I was thankful for and I urged people to also be thankful and help thy neighbor. I’m over the sappy mushy stuff now and it’s back to work as we take a look at what certain members of the New York Yankees have to be thankful for.

Brendan Ryan
“As of right now I am the Yankees starting shortstop.”

Masahiro Tanaka
My Japanese is rusty so something that loosely translated to “I’m thankful my arm has not fallen off.”

Alex Rodriguez
“I’m back #*%&$”

John Ryan Murphy
“See ya Cervelli”

Chris Young
“I’m thankful for two walk off hits and a hot two weeks in September that has kept me from unemployment checks.”

Brian Cashman
“I’m thankful for Chase Headley and Brandon McCarthy bringing me three more years.”

Hal Steinbrenner

“The Greedy Pinstripes for giving me ideas to sign players that Brian Cashman doesn’t want.”

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