Sunday, December 7, 2014

Andrew Miller Won't Close, per Brian Cashman

Brian Cashman was in a conference call after making the Didi Gregorius trade and after signing Andrew Miller to a four year deal so you have to assume there would be a sound bite or two. The most notable blurb in my eyes was the fact that Andrew Miller would not be the Yankees closer, whether the team got David Robertson back or not. Where does that leave the Yankees bullpen in 2015?

Honestly, if I know Cashman the way I think I know Cashman, if the team does not bring Robertson back then the team will go after a Jason Grilli or a Casey Jannsen. I can't see the team handing Dellin Betances the closers role in 2015, whether he deserves it or not, due to the way the game is played these days. Sometimes the "save" really comes with two outs in the 6th, or when a pitcher gets out of a rally in the 7th etc. Betances nay have hurt his own chances by being too valuable as the Yankees multi-inning fireman in 2014. With that said let's assume the Yankees get Robertson back and take a look at the Yankees bullpen:

CP: Robertson
SU: Betances
SU: Miller
RP: Justin Wilson
RP: Esmil Rogers
RP: Adam Warren
RP: Shawn Kelley
RP: David Phelps/Bryan Mitchell/ Long Man

One word describes that, filthy. That's before Jacob Lindgren comes up or any of Branden Pinder and Danny Burawa.

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  1. I want the three-headed monster! Then get Scherzer, and teams will be lucky to score at all.


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