Monday, December 29, 2014

Kuroda Accepted Less Money to Return to Japan: Report

Hiroki Kuroda wasn't exactly torn between the Yankees and Japan.

The 40-year-old right-hander accepted a deal worth five times less to return to the Hiroshima Carp, according to a report from The Japan Times. Kuroda's new contract with the Carp, worth just one year, will pay him ¥400 million, or $3.32 million. 

But that's not much since Kuroda's offer from the Yankees must've therefore been somewhere around $16.6 million, a price the Carp are thankful he turned down. 

"I am grateful for the choice Kuroda has made," Carp manager Koichi Ogata told The Times. "This will raise the motivation of the players and have a significant impact on the team."

If Kuroda's recent numbers with the Yankees are indicative of his talent, the Carp certainly should improve with him in their rotation, as Kuroda has been a reliable force for New York since 2012. In three seasons with the Yankees, Kuroda solidly went 38-33 with a 3.44 ERA, often not getting much run support. 

The Carp expect he and Kenta Maeda, who was originally expected to switch to MLB this offseason, to lead their pitching staff in 2015, and considering the more difficult level of American play, Kuroda should have no problem doing so. 

“The club has persevered with the negotiations," Ogata said, "and I feel this shows how determined the club is to win the pennant next season."

Kuroda likely won't have much trouble fitting in with Hiroshima, having pitched for them for 11 years from 1997-2007. He left them for the Dodgers before 2008, and stayed with Los Angeles through 2011.

Kuroda then joined the Yankees, where he became somewhat of a mentor to Masahiro Tanaka last season, to be the team's no.2 starter, working behind CC Sabathia for the entirety of his tenure with them.


  1. Are you speculating that the MLB offer came from the Yankees? Because it could have been from any team, especially the Dodgers before they signed Brett Anderson to what could equate to $14 million w/ incentives.

    1. The way the Japan Times article certainly made it seem like it came from the Yankees. It talks about how the Yankees wanted him back one paragraph, and then says what he would've made had he stayed in MLB in the next. Seems like they're referring to NY, but nothing's impossible I guess

    2. Don't think the article was clear either way

    3. Understood. It probably came from the Yankees but the way Cashman handled this offseason you never know. Would have been a slight raise from his 2014 salary which makes sense.

  2. WORD OUT OF BOSTON : ....
    RE: Max Scherzer...Yanks not out of it. Sox expect Yankees to get the ' last call ' from Boras.
    Don't know if I'm glad, or sad.

    1. Depends on how many years this last call is for. 6 years or under, sign me up. The reported 9 years? Barf...

      Also we received permission to trade for Cole Hamels, if that counts for anything.

    2. Another good Lefty Pitcher. He is 31 years old as of now and signed through 2018. That would make for a good contract for us but, I hate to think what we would have to give up for him. Plus, he will want an extension on his contract, I think that is what he is after.
      IF we need to give up more than what he is worth and an extension...not worth it!

    3. Talk about cleaning out the farm system..

  3. KEN HANS...AKA...Gretal :
    I fully expected to see Ken's words up here by now.
    Yankees trade a battle tested hardened veteran, on a hard thrower...21 years old. And, no one
    is hammering the deal.
    Hope we did not lose him...over some nickel & dime stuff.

  4. LOVE....the new 25 comment format.
    I went to the bottom of the treadmill, and it reached a 12 / 28 1:30 PM post. Much better.

    Take away the line that mentions " possible Tommy John surgery ", and I think the Yankees
    have come up with a mid 90's thrower. Upside, sounded positive, from the early reports.
    Yankees Hot Stove ( on YES ) on soon, tonight. Hope to garner additional info.

    1. Jack Curry mentioned the Tommy John surgery. Even so, with TJS, you're trading Shawn Kelley (who is easily replaceable and not that great) opening up a spot for Jacob Lindgren/equivalent while opening up a 40 man roster spot and saving a couple million bucks.

      It's another one year for six-seven years of upside kind of trade and in the grand scheme of things it means so little. Kelley can be replaced and improved on within the system.

  6. TJS, for Barbato ?....
    I hope not. Lets hope it is just a rumor.
    Wrong, on the Yankee Hot Stove Show. Tonight is their night, but holidays, etc....change things.
    Put the laser on the starting pitching. Though it is still December.

    Those that know me, know that I walk hundreds of miles during a season, on my
    fantastic Long Island beaches. I live for it. My beach cart is ready to roll.
    Again, it is still only December. Dam.

  7. I don't think there is any doubt either Cashman talked Hal etc., into going slow and young or they want to cut payroll.
    I think it is both; Hal=$$$$ saved...Cashman use in house talent, run out the contracts of the older guys and build a team that can win for more than 3 or so years.
    One thing about that is; between 1962 and 1967, Mantle, Boyer, Maris, Richardson and Howard, all retired and the Yanks continued down the path to 20 missed play-offs in a row.
    The Yankees will need to keep and eye on the team so all the players don't retire all with-in a year or so. The way they are going, none of them will ever play for the team after 35 years old anyhow.


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