Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Alex Rodriguez May Bring Fans to the Yard in 2015

The last two seasons New York has benefited, financially speaking and attendance wise, from the retirements and farewell tours of greats like Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter. With these two gone and no farewell tour in sight for 2015 many fans and personnel are wondering who will sell MLB tickets and who can bring the fans back to Yankee Stadium. Could it be Alex Rodriguez?

According to the stats used by Baseball Reference.com Rodriguez sits just 61 hits shy of the 3,000 hit milestone and would become only the second player in a Yankees uniform to accomplish the feat, the first of course being Mr. DJ3K. A Rod also sits just 60 home runs away from 714 with some guy named Willie Mays within striking distance in the all-time home run chase. Finally Rodriguez needs just 328 RBI to be #1 all-time in the statistic. According to Fangraphs.com Rodriguez has compiled a career WAR of 111.0.

Love Alex or hate Alex you can sort of see why the team is willing to bring him back and not eat the remaining $61 million and three years on his contract. New York has morphed into the business it always could be and less of the hobby and Rodriguez makes too many dollars and too much sense to let him walk away without selling some Yankees tickets first. 

As we all know Alex was subject to a 162 game suspension in 2014 due to his involvement in steroid use and the now defunct Biogenesis clinic down in Miami run by Anthony Bosch. This marks the second time Alex was linked to a large scale steroid probe and Alex didn't buy any fans by suing the league, the Yankees and anything that wasn't tied down. Now Alex will look to mend fences, if that's possible, and get back his fans trust and love, again even if it's possible, and the only way he can do that is production. If Alex comes out and hits 20 home runs and knocks in 70 RBI in 2015 I think a lot of the fans give him a break. If not, and if he can't put the butts in the seats at Yankee Stadium, then I think we may see the last of Mr. Alex Emmanuel Rodriguez, in a Yankees uniform at least. 


  1. Check out the latest ' Yankee Hot Stove '.....dated 1 / 12.

    YES opens with a 8 plus minute feature with....Garret Jones. Obtained in the great Prado trade,
    along with Eovoldi.
    Jones come across as a decent guy / smart. I think he will hit well in the stadium.
    For what it is worth...He comes up in 2009, with Pittsburgh....hits10 HR in his first month.
    A big power bat vs. a short porch.
    Check out the Yes Hot Stove.


    Perhaps. At least at this point in time, I think so.

    The Yankees have a top notch bullpen...check.
    The Yankees have an offense that was crap last year...and, they added who ?...check.
    The Yankees have their weakest staring rotation in years, and some many are wounded. ...Check.

    I'm tired about talking Prado, Greene, Drew, hitting coaches, steroids, and where is Ichiro.
    It is becoming idiotic, and dumb.

    Where is the hope ? Are we in re-run mode from 2014 ?....Where are we ?

    If this is going to be a double feature of the 2014 season, then I can thank God that I have some
    of the most beautiful beaches around, on Long Island, to traverse this summer.

    Gentleman, if you think the rebuilding is complete, it is far from it.
    At best, I see an average team.

    1. Bullpen can be awesome and the offense almost has to be better. Even if the stars we have continue to struggle our prospects are one year closer to being ready, if they aren't already. Plus we're one year closer to having a ton of money off the books which could persuade Cashman to spend a lot just on a short term fix.

  3. HANZEL.....Please, jump in , and give us your thoughts.


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