Friday, January 23, 2015

Guillermo Heredia Defects from Cuba

The latest and the greatest product from the Serie Nacional has defected from Cuba in hopes of landing a deal in the United States and the Major Leagues. Guillermo Heredia is a soon to be 24 year old center fielder that is old enough to not count against international spending limits and caps. Ben Badler ranked Heredia as the 11th best prospect in Cuba back in August but that was obviously before the emergence of Yoan Moncada and Yoan Lopez.

Heredia runs well and could stick in center field in the majors with a strong arm and good enough range. Heredia at one time hit .343/.449/.527 in 2011-2012 before coming back down to Earth the next season. Heredia did not play other than one at bat this season due to his defection from the country.

Heredia is still a long way away from signing as he has not even declared residency anywhere or been unblocked by the United States government but all of these guys that get cleared before July 2nd intrigue me. The Yankees cannot sign anyone during the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 signing periods for more than $300,000 so it almost makes sense to overpay for anyone and everyone at this point, no?

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