Friday, January 23, 2015

The Alex Rodriguez Story that did NOT Break This Week

Remember earlier in the week when news broke, twitter broke and the internet as a whole broke when Alex Rodriguez was reported to be working out with Barry Bonds? Well I dug deeper into that story recently and I found out that there was a bit of news, a nugget as my good friend from Bleeding Yankee Blue Robert Casey would say, that no one seems to be reporting on. While Alex is in San Rafael, California working out with Barry Bonds and taking batting practice at the Future Prospects batting cages he is also working out with former teammate Edgar Martinez.

Why was the longtime Seattle Mariners DH and probably Hall of Fame player not mentioned in the original article about Rodriguez and Bonds? It’s simple, it doesn’t garner clicks. Honestly I probably won’t get many views for this post but I don’t care frankly, it’s the news and I feel compelled to report on it COMPLETELY. Again quoting Mr. Casey from BYB when I say “get it right, not get it first.”

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