Sunday, January 11, 2015

Quick Yankees 25 Man Roster Update

The New York Yankees have made a few moves since the last time we did one of these so let's get caught back up on who I think the Yankees will send out there on Opening Day. Obviously a lot can and will change between now and then and we will update that accordingly here if and when it happens.

C: Brian McCann
1B: Mark Teixeira
2B: Stephen Drew
SS: Didi Gregorius
3B: Chase Headley
LF: Brett Gardner
CF: Jacoby Ellsbury
RF: Carlos Beltran
DH: Alex Rodriguez

BN: Garrett Jones
BN: Brendan Ryan
BN: John Ryan Murphy
BN: Chris Young

SP: CC Sabathia
SP: Masahiro Tanaka
SP: Michael Pineda
SP: Nathan Eovaldi
SP: Chris Capuano

CP: Dellin Betances
SU: Andrew Miller
RP: Justin Wilson
RP: Adam Warren
RP: David Carpenter
RP: Jose Ramirez
LR: Esmil Rogers


  1. I still think Drew should be the swing man and let Refsy or better yet, Pirela play 2nd and be another swing man.
    Thus, one has two players that can fill in wherever they are needed. I think Pirela would hit better than Drew and is a RH the guy if he can do the job!

    1. I think we all do but for $5 million I can't see it happening.

    2. I guess I've seen worse rosters. I definitely think I would change a couple of things. Honestly, I would either try to trade Ryan or release him. Replace him with Pirela. But we do have a left and right handed power option on the bench. Plus, with the health of Arod, Teix, Beltran, and Headley, there should be plenty of opportunities for younger guys to make a contribution.

    3. Garrett Jones ability to hit 20 home runs in limited play really helps the bench. Last season we had no fire power that could come off the bench and hit a three run home run, 2013 either.


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